Nish’s Big Win!

My mate Nish Mip is a talented bunneh – not only is she on a truly HUGE road trip of the first and second continents, not only is she building a beautiful butterfly house in Steelhead, not only is she breeding a race of vicious anti-vampire moths, not only is being da sexeh, and not only is she building contest entries for the University of Western Australia, but she is also busy winning art contests for said Ozzy Uni!

Called “Umbrellas” she’s created a ghostly, ethereal street scene in which echos of people swirl around in the rain endlessly chattering to themselves as umbrellas float between them like beacons of light in the perpetual night of their dark, lost repeating patterns… it’s great!
UWA Sim_007

UWA Sim_004

UWA Sim_005

You can follow Nish on twitter as @NishMip‘s and you should go and see her winning installation at UWA here:

p.s. TY to Juko for alerting me to Nish’s win 🙂



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