Say goodbye to the sign in the sky…

Way back in the mists of both time and my rather shitty memory I recall seeing a large green letter K appearing on the map over the Forest of Kahruvel. Over the last year or so more letters were added (by the ever busy Salazar Jack, it turns out) until almost all but one letter hung is space spelling of the name of the great reclaimed forest lands below…
Kahruvel AirSign

Take a good look at that picture folks because you’ll never see it in-world again. The Phyneas Jack Memorial Trust who manage the forest and assorted lands have downsized their holdings quite considerably (more than even M has just done with his staff of Lindens) and now all that remains of the sign is a small part of the large K’s lower upright. I know that the forest is evolving and heading for good things, but I still feel sadness at its passing 😦
Kahruvel Air Sign 2



  1. Hope you got the edited version of that image that I sent you in world… it was bugging me to never see it complete, so I added the E, plus a fancy gold frame. Just the thing for one’s wall! 😀

  2. Yes, that giant K was just the start of an idea that had been growing in my brain ever since the Trust started acquiring land all across the Isle of Kahruvel. It seemed like a rather large undertaking at the time and I admit that put off finishing it for quite a while. I had worked out the placement on a map image in Photoshop and then once I wrapped my mind around the possibility, after seeing where all the Trust land was across the regions, I began finishing it in earnest. I didn’t keep any records as to when it was finally up, or for how long, but it seemed to maintain it’s presence for many many months. As I commented on Lalo Telling’s post about Da Boom:

    “…I knew the letters’ existence was iffy at best as each one crossed over Linden-owned land at some point and a few crossed over other residents’ land (anchored to adjoining land owned by the Phyneas Jack Memorial Trust group, the landowners of the Forest of Kahruvel).”

    I was a fun accomplishment and I don’t mind that the E never made it into the sky. (I got quite a few comments from concerned folks wondering what had happened to the E and, I think, made it that much more memorable.) I wouldn’t compare the Trust’s downsizing of landholdings with the Lab’s recent people purge. After all we are still here and land is just land. I am truly sorry that so many folks were given the heave ho in such short order. Quite alarming and disconcerting. On a brighter note, the forest and Trust are indeed headed for good things. We have weathered many storms and are taking steps to batten down the hatches to handle whatever tempest the Grid decides to throw at us. Extreme time dilation, temporal anomalies, void flares, tuning mishaps, wonky lagillation… we can take it! Onward and upward!

    1. Cheers for the reply Sal – I read your comments of Lalo’s too and always you are able to put things in a way that brings the subject to life in a way no one else can. I only wish I’d been around in 2003 and 4 to see the things you saw and witness first hand the creation of a world. Maybe now that the PJMT is looking into dimensional rift research I’ll get my wish 🙂

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