My latest project… my wee wooden lathe!

I’ve not been in-world much of late as the real world has been full of those pesky new job distractions but before I vanished into the aether I’d been busy building a wooden lathe. Yup, a wooden lathe. Y’see in Steelhead I’ve got a plan and involves HBA, the burnt roleplaying HBA living in his log cabin in St Helens, working with wood and in the 1890s that means building a wooden wood-working lathe.

I started off trying to build it with SculptCrafter but for some bloody reason it’s playing silly buggers and won’t do it – I guess I should IM the SculptCrafter people but I just can’t work up the enthusiasm. Sigh. Anyhoo, here is the potentially sculptie version (with guide pics taken from the web in the background).
Building a Lathe_006

I switched all the special prims from the SC system and started to re-texture, my plan now to make it a simple prim affair. Here’s a picture of it half-way through a texture change from the barked wooden plank texture I used in the log cabin to a new barkless texture (the wee face is my mate Mari who came to visit).
Mari & the lathe_001

Now the finished product is down in my cabin and I think it looks pruddy darn good! The hard part was making the rope that powers it – I can’t remenber exactly how I did it now, but it involved making a torus and splitting it to make a spring shape – I got the idea on Ayumi’s blog here).
HBAs Wooden Wood Working Lathe_003

HBAs Wooden Wood Working Lathe_004

HBAs Wooden Wood Working Lathe_001

I say finished but it isn’t really, the only trouble is all the stuff I want to do next is all the stuff I have no idea how to do – a standing & moving animated poseball, moving parts, particle emmisions, sound effects – not a sodding clue but for now you can see the static non-working version over at my place here 🙂



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