Steelhead Public Library’s Photography Exhibition

In between running up posters protesting about New Babbage’s illegal acts in Steelhead and brooding over the Tong bastards who broke into my surgery, I decided to take a trip over to the public library in Capital City and conduct some research into the fever that was spreading through the northern slums.
Steelhead Public Library Photography Exhibiton_006

When I arrived I was pleasantly surprised to see that the library patrons had organised an exhibition on the history of that most wonderous of inventions, photography!
Steelhead Public Library Photography Exhibiton_005

Almost the whole of the lower floor had been given over to informative displays and examples showing the evolution of this exciting science…
Steelhead Public Library Photography Exhibiton_001

Steelhead Public Library Photography Exhibiton_002 Steelhead Public Library Photography Exhibiton_004

Steelhead Public Library Photography Exhibiton_003

I recommend you head over to the library and take in this superb display – you can find it in Capital City here.



    1. Oh they’ll pay sir, they’ll pay…

      As for the library, there was a SLURL in the text above but I think that Steelhead sims has designated landing zones. You sould be able to click on the disks beneath your feet at these zones to pull up a TP menu. If that doesn’t work here is the SLURL with the coords to head for:

      Failing that head south out of the railways station, turn lft at the train and head east. At the first road junction turn right and head south again and the library is on your right hand side at the end of the block (you’ll walk past the library gardens first).

      Good luck! IM me if you want a guide 🙂

      1. Perfect directions and wonderful exhibit. I had a feeling novelty photos had a long history but no proof until now.

        There were some French there and it’s always a dangerous situation when you hear “bonjour” since you cannot show fear. Or they will think you French as well.

        Got out of that and found the most wonderful thing around the corner. A shopkeeper offering Tardis earrings that any stalkee would just love.

        Wonderful place, but the town elders need to get a handle on undesirables. A man walking the streets in his robe downing Steelhead Red should be tossed in jail not greeted warmly by the locals (this Islay lady was nicer than most of my family).

        1. Excellent! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I think there will be many non-Steelhead/Steamlands/RP visitors as the event was features by the Lindens somewhere or other. If the sight of a booze-soaked rummy doesn’r scare them off then they’ve passed the test. For completeness though I feel you should have a shouting at cars animated gesture and your robe should occasionally fall open to reveal to the world just what too much booze does to the poor male member…

          As for the earrings, do you remember the maker’s name? I know that some of the people I follow on Twitter used to play in Steelhead a lot and still have their Dr Who shop near where you were – they also have a great website here: (great podcasts about each episode).

          1. As I recall, it was Dolt & Sons, but my memory is so sketchy with age. I do however have a snapshot of them in use.

            I like that group’s name.

            You do indeed seem to be getting some foot traffic going which is always good.

  1. Very interesting, Dr. Beck! I share an interest in daguerrotyping (daguerrotypistry? daguerriology? aw, hell, shootin’ pitchers), so I have made a note to visit as soon as possible.

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