Mutations: Chapter 6 – Criminal Acts…

Ryne after the Tong_001

The next morning, as Beck sat nursing his swollen face with a wet towel, Steelhead’s sheriff was angrily striding towards the doctor’s squalid apartment with thunder in his heart. At the door he didn’t bother with a knock instead walking right. Beck spun round, nearly leaping out of his chair with fear, “Futh?” he said through thick tips. The sheriff paused for half a heartbeat before letting out a gutteral roar and tearing the door off its hinges.

Beck looked at the figure in the doorway, hardly recognising the man he’d come to know as a constant in his new life and realised that for the first time he was seeing the animal beneath the skin. “Ermmm,” he said, “theelin bether?”

“I’ll get them, I’ll get them all for this. First Babbage come in here snatching people and now these tong scum do this to you, I’ll get them, Ryne.” Fuzz growled.

Ryne stared at him with his one open eye for long seconds before sighing, “Thit down Futh, letth talk. Whath thith abou Babbath…”


To be continued…
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