Bots in Linden Land? Surely not…

I was chillaxin’ (literally freezing an axe – don’t ask me why, you don’t want to know) over at my ever so lovely Linden Slum when I noticed a collection of green dots in my sim (Nutsedge, remember) on my minimap. Now seeing as I don’t see many green dots on my minimap in Nutsedge (or anywhere else if I’m honest) I thought I’d go and see what was going on and if they’d let me join in.

So imagine my disappointment as I found not a happening party of cool jiving cats and came across found a nest of zombie-eyed creepy bots instead! Thank the lords above for the barrier holding the buggers back!
Bots in a Linden Home_001

Look at their eyes! Pass me the shotgun, mother!
Bots in a Linden Home_002

p.s. Is it me, or does that one in the hat look like the burnt fella living in St Helens?

Edit: This story got picked up by New World Notes and the rather wonderful Bot Zone.



  1. How horrible! I’m glad you had the proper equipment with which to deal with such creatures. Human kindness requires dispatching the undead back to their graves.

  2. And there was me thinking I was the only one with a Linden Home! Good to know there is at least two of us…

    1. Hiya Alex, I think there are quite a few of us but as I’m never home I haven’t got to know my nieghbours yet. My friend Kumi Kuhr also has a linden home (the fantasy set I think) and has held parties in her neighbourhood 🙂 How do you like yours?

  3. Holy double bot moly. Speaking of bots, I challenge anyone to remove camping from the Fussy camping site. I have been trying to get camping removed from that site for 2 years now. No luck. Camping is there, and every time I report it, I get banned for a couple hours. Here is the location:

    oh, I like the idea of tweaking the TOS to allow the bots\campers to be hunted\reported…However, doing this would bring about the destruction of SL because so many bots and campers being systematically purged during the same week\month time period would destroy the daily concurrency numbers and cause other people to see those numbers and realize why SL can be so empty.

    I mean it would litterally cut those numbers in half so instead of seeing 60k+, you’d be down to 35K easily. And at US night time (usually brings the concurrent down to under 40K, well, that 40k would become closer to 25K once all the bots and campers\fishing sites were cleaned up. Linden’s wouldn’t be able to tolerate that dramatic decrease in numbers so they will never, ever, and again, never allow campers or bots to be removed as part of the TOS, or at least allow users to report them as part of the TOS. That is a factoid that will not change.

    Case in point, I’ve been trying to get Fussy camping removed for over 2 years now. Still there….Pays pretty good for those who are still into camping, even though it is frowned upon by LL. But that is the extent of it…frowned upon but not a reportable offense, yet the camping generates over 15,000 traffic units in search thusly falsifying and gaming the traffic numbers and has been for over 2 years.

    1. Hi LittleLost – sorry for the delay but the spam box ate your comments and I only just found them 🙂

      Honestly I shocked to think that the figures given by LL could be so heavily contaminated! If that’s true then wow… LL have a HUGE problem.

  4. If I’m honest, I only went Premium as I’m looking to buy my own land and build to my heart’s content. A Linden Home was not on the radar but I just couldn’t resist looking. My first mistake…
    After several attempts, I finally settled on one of the Japanese style cottages, solely because the builders actually gave me one overlooking the sea and some trees! Not living there though because frankly not enough room to swing a cat let alone live in, and I got fed up looking.

    Overall, I expected some landscaping, not tightly packed properties. Disappointed.

    1. Aye, disappointing is right – a little more in the way of infrastructure would have been nice, you know roads and paths and parks. And some freaking landscaping! Rivers through sims, mountains, anything! Gawd, they are soooooo uninspired.

  5. Say, if you have 512 tier, you could come and get a rental for me for no cash and just the tier, 250 prims : )

    I know the answer to these “bots” that you are finding in the Linden Homes. I had the mystery too in some of my cheap rentals. What are these accounts that are renting my little cottages, putting 10 avatars into them in a row like soldiers, and putting out only furniture from the library? What could they possibly be doing? They aren’t traffic bots, because I don’t allow traffic bots, and these are residential rentals not even in search, not seeking traffic. So I began to watch them, and I was concerned they were mules for content theft or Linden dollar manipulations or something that might be wrong. I kept looking and asking, and finally found the answer: they are accounts made to take part in a game called Tiny Empires. I’m not sure why people do this, but they need to log on accuonts and have them idle for some purpose.

  6. indeed, the Tiny Empires game is a possible explanation, as I do have alts to help me go up the ladder of our liege myself. I have a couple…but not THAT many, though.

  7. That’s amusing. Tiny Empires or no, they still look like a zombie army waiting to wage war on the unsuspecting HBA.

  8. grins… as a Queen in Tiny Empires and playing that for almost 3 years now i still think its sad to have that many alts standing there idle…. wich they prolly arent, because you only evolve in the game by buying activly acres.
    I must admit some people go that far in hording gold and acres… Seriously i got alt accounts but they only get logged in when i have to recruit new people to the kingdom and they have no use being online all the time.

      1. Grins… to add to how addicted some of us are… here is a chat we recently had in one of the Tiny empire groups (names hidden just the ranks added)

        [4:32] Grand Vicereine C: not addicted to TE myself i only run 10 huds at a time, know people who have more
        [4:33] Princess V: and an ale too
        [4:33] Fanny Woolley (Queen): wooohoo
        [4:33] Princess V: C…
        [4:33] King M: glad I am not addicted either I only have 6 fed huds
        [4:33] Princess V: shhh
        [4:33] Fanny Woolley (Queen): 3 fed huds and 4 regularsbut they are never on
        [4:33] Fanny Woolley (Queen): got too much fun on fanny
        [4:34] Grand Vicereine C: why, i paid for them, they mine, and they not botted i have two very good computers
        [4:35] King M: me too running on computer and laptop can have 5 on both
        [4:36] Viceroy H: oh thats nothing having 6 alts on now with one computer lol must mean I am rally addicted

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