Building a log cabin – part the deux

When I left you last (in Part 1 – here) I had opened up the windows & doors by cutting the logs out as well as texturing their frames…
Log Cabin

But I was a looooong way from finished. For a start the roof was bare boards and needed some shingles and the windows needed glazing to keep the rain out!
Log Cabin windows_002

Log Cabin windows_001

A little later I added a small, simple porch at the front as well as a some smaller steps (complete with posball for sitting on) and a storm lantern from the ever generous nichus Bermann 🙂
St Helens by moonlight_002

Log Cabin - Storm Lamps from nichus_001

A rest from my toils_001

Log Cabin - Storm Lamps from nichus_002

As you can see from above, the first doors were HUGE! I did this to compensate for the camera but it became clear I had over compensated. I shrunk them down from this…
The Size of My Doors_002

to this…
The Size of My Doors_001

The Size of My Doors_003

I took the last shot to show the difference between the two but due to the perspective I don’t feel it does. What it does show, however, are the small triangular gaps at the top of the roof. In real life I would have filled them with mud adobe but in SL it’s a bit harder and would have required mucho faffing about with a single prim per hole. In the end I decided to slap up a ceiling (you can see it behind me in the picture below) and I really think it improved the inner space greatly…
Log Cabin - Storm Lamps from nichus_001

I still have some plans for the cabin, but for now I’ve finished tinkering. I need to tidy up the site and add some furniture, but more of that in a future post. For now I’ll leave you with a couple of shots that I think show you why I moved into the wilderness and built my own cabin.

A gorgeous suset through the rushes behind the cabin…
Steelhead sunset_001

The moon rising over the steam…
St Helens by moonlight_005

Come over and see the cabin here.



    1. I have to say that would be most kind – even with summer approaching the nights can be cold and the place does lack a certain… homeliness I miss. Thank you for the kind offer Miss Belfire, especially after all the trouble I’ve caused you.

  1. Goodness Mr Headburro you have been busy .Your cabins looking wondeful and Ill try to get to see it inworld now I’m less busy myself . I know you like to keep yourself to yourself up there in those mountains but are you going to have a house warming. ? I’ll bring cookies 🙂

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