All the diodes down my left side…

I have a snazzy computer. OK, it’s not a shit-hot gaming machine, but it didn’t cost me £2,000 so I never expected it to be. But still, way back in December 09 when I had the Great Graphics Card Balls Up (had to buy a new card, it didn’t fit in my PC or on my motherboard and I ended up buying a whole new PC in kit form and building it myself) I expected great things from it.

Well I’ve only had great-ish things from it.

It plays games wonderfully but it still finds SL a grind at times and a couple of weekends ago things came to a dramatic head when it simply refused to play ball during the Bay City 2nd Anniversary and I missed the Parade.

I think I’ve fixed it – I’ve certainly had no problems since Osprey’s advice, but in case anyone is looking for help with a similar issue, here’s what I did:

1) Cleared the cache. 4 times. Result: On relog things back to normal but not for long.

2) Defrag HD. Twice. Result: None.

3) Added 2Gb memory to take total to 4Gb. Result: None I can see so far but not tested much yet.

4) Switched on multi-threading in the SL client prefs (this was Os’ advice and it helps SL cope with multiple programs running on the computer). Result: This seems to have cracked it and I’ve had no problems since.

All in all it’s been hard to tell what worked as I was doing everything at the same time (bar adding the memory – that came a few days after and the system was running OK by then) but if you’re having problems, try the multi-threading thing out. Note, this is different from multi-threading on nVidia graphics cards which is about linking cards together.


  1. I tend to sneak in from work on under-powered machines (1.8ghz 1gb mem) the one I’m using right now is about 5-6 years old using the onboard graphics port.

    For me the quickest ways to improve things are to try the Snowglobe client and to turn all the graphics settings down to minimum. Once things settle down I start uping the settings till I find the sweet spot.

    The above is “it works for me” of course ;o)

    ohh and a hat tip on your title.. gave me great Silly grin moment.

    1. I hear ya Neal, but as so much of my blog stuff is driven by photos, I like tomhave the settings up to MAXFUCKYEAHHHHH! and it irks me when I can’t – I have a frelling GTX260 in here for frell’s sake!

      1. Is multi-threading in one of the tabs under preferences? I’ll have to look for it. I’m always looking for ways to improve performance… I usually turn my settings up higher than the machine thinks they should be, too.

        Also: it always makes me happy to hear someone else use the word ‘frell.’ I miss Farscape. 😀

        1. It is in Prefs in the KristennLee viewer – I’m not sure about others, but I’d bet it’ll be in the Debug Settings.

          As for Farscape, oh how I miss it! It was on BBC2 here at 6pm – I loved all the sexeh overtones and multi-layered story arcs 🙂

  2. The 4gb on a 32gb OS is a gray area (i show 3.25gb usable in Windows 7), but it’s a very boring thing you no doubt are aware of.

    I find that– wait, you already got a post out of this. I should get one too.

  3. #1 I do this on close down every time — cache *will* fill up quickly depending on where you’ve been and a relog and quick delete cache often helps in sticky situations.

    #3 depending on your system adding more RAM hits an uppper limit (my mac can only take a max of 3GB)

    #4 there are a few more tweaks you can do here — I made a notecard inworld and will send it to you. This is prob where you can do the most to help your experience.

    Bay City celebrations brought me to my knees and I’ve not been there for a few years. I reckon the UK network was at fault to a degree…

    xx KK

    1. TY for the NC in advance mate – and your theroy of a UK network blip makes sense as that weekend was terrible for me when all had been fine during the weeks and for weeks before that. I never thought of a something as big as a UK problem… blimey!

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