Boating Around Murray

Murray, ahhh Murray. Shining jewel of the inland sea (well, *near* the inland sea) where the Moles have been busy and Burros slightly less so. The LDPW has long ago moved on to fix up other sims and I’ve been tardy about exploring all the shiny new aspects of my old home – well no more! I popped back in to take a trip around the old homestead in one of Naughty Mole’s free yachts…

I took it for a spin past the beach huts, the channel here is narrow and I pranged the rudder a fair few times so be warned!

It looks like a much larger vessel may have tried a while back and now only its rotting carcass marks the spot where it ran aground…

At least the previous (and I hope long gone!) owners were good enough to leave a little something behind 😉

Sailing into deep(er) water I noticed three creates bobbing on the surface…

When I got to them I could see something beneath the waves… time to dive!

It seems these waters used to be a whole lot rougher than they appear to be now – yet another wreck was half-buried in the sand and silt with flooded crates now no more than homes for some very cute wildlife 🙂


Pop over to Murray and explore for yourself – the locals are (mostly) friendly and you’ll be slap-bang in the middle of SL’s first sims 🙂


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