What the bloody flip?

I like to check my blog stats. It a mixture of vanity & masochism; the former as I like to see how many people are reading my work and linking to it, the latter because the answer to both is “not many”. Still, my blog gets between 20 & 100 hits a day. Until today. Suddenly today I’ve had over 250 hits. How bloody odd! Look…
Blog Hits Gone Mad 001

There’s a curious piece of CSS code from CNN listed in the ‘Referrer’ box – I took a looksee but couldn’t make head nor tail of it – I wonder if that is artificially driving my hit spike upwards?


  1. Clearly not the one crappy hit I sent, but people really like you. Well, it’s hard to say really since people really dislike me and your likability could be normal for all I know, but they seem sincere.

    Shouldn’t you be one of these ducks down here by the way? I see Danny Voyager. No burros

    Oh, not likely, but I’ve been getting get a ton of funny search traffic hits cleary pedo looking for goodies, but you don’t use those funny word combos I use.

    1. I was there for a bit, but my system has been crashing all weekend and now won’t let me back in 😦 I’m really fucked off as I’ve been looking forward to the Bay City parade for a year (I couldn’t make the last one and that pissed me of then – this is just rubbing salt in!)

      The only people who dislike you are the ones who don’t take the time to read you. And all those people you lay into, of course 😀

      1. Of the 72k avatars on right now that are not bots, not jabbering in some odd clicking language, or unable to read anything more complicated than ramen noodle directions, the chances of me running into one of three who has read my blog is very remote. I like to think I can be disliked without any blogging (and the people who dislike me just IM anyway).

        Worry not, we have really bad pictures set to crap music of the event (well, most of them seem to be random shots of the ground actually). You can see at the end I feel your pain (sort of, I am not capable of actual human empathy as such) when I started to float and had to leave since my arms were getting tired.

  2. At least you got to try and go. The CableCo have still not fixed my line. Was working at luchtime but got home last night to find all the blinky lights were OFF !

  3. They try to blame my router. Cries of “Your DEAD surfboard is the problem!” got me to 2nd level support and no further.

    Never mind I’ve liberated an old unlocked cable modem from the office parts cupboard we’ll see how that goes 😉

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