Nish, Juko, me and The Hub

I’ve said it before but I know some bloody talented people in SL 🙂 Nish has been busy for a few weeks building an entry for the University of Western Australia’s architecture & design contest and last week I went to see it. As I TPed in I bumped into Juko Tempel who I haven’t seen since the 2009 Nova Albion parade (although we have been in touch via twitter).
Nishs UWA Build_001

Nishs UWA Build_009 Nishs UWA Build_041

Nishs UWA Build_045

The Hub, as she’s named her build, is an ultra modern building where students and staff can meet & interact and it’s full of great little touches like the highly reflective floor and the cool lift that goes all the way to the roof full of grass & solar panels.
Nishs UWA Build_004

Nishs UWA Build_005 Nishs UWA Build_007

Nishs UWA Build_044

She’s filled the walls with he wonderful art (I told you she is talented!)
Nishs UWA Build_016

Nishs UWA Build_006 Nishs UWA Build_030

Nishs UWA Build_018

There’s some nice places for working and relaxing too – the lecture theatre is far better than I had at uni!
Nishs UWA Build_024

Nishs UWA Build_013 Nishs UWA Build_028

Nishs UWA Build_025

When you get to the roof, make sure you keep your eyes open for some easter eggs Nish has built in 🙂
Nishs UWA Build_034

Nishs UWA Build_035 Nishs UWA Build_037

Nishs UWA Build_039

Nish has done a great job and I really hope she wins – pop over and she her work for yourself!
Nishs UWA Build_049



  1. We had such a good time, and Nish was great to show us around! It’s a terrific build and the art work looks good too. Thanks again Nish and HBA 🙂

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