Bunnehs on a Bike!

From the twisted mind of Grignano’s Mysterio Studios comes a tale of tranformative love bewteen a kindly jackalope and an outcast bunnilla! See them ride a bike! Witness them search for a cure! Gasp as they go boing!


  1. ohhh… tears rolling down my cheeks.. that is soooo cool! little Jackalope clinging for dear life to the bicycle seat.. made my day!

    yay! for the magical transforming bunnehs 🙂

  2. this has been my fav Enjah film to date because of it’s dream like quality and that swirling music and bunnehs ,bunnila’s and hidden underwater tandem bikes. It’s a pity the inclusion of a jackalope made the film so unbelievable 🙂

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