Valley of The Burros (or Fek Me! I’ve Got a Linden Home!)

I’ve gone Premium. After three and a half years in-world I’m paying The Man. I didn’t want to, I did it to help out Cowell & Kahruvel (more of that in a future post) but in the process I got a Linden Home. Pity me?

I plumped for one of the California Living ones(1) and had hoped that I’d get one in the hills or by some water. Fat chance! I’m in the middle of a slum. A nice slum yes, but a slum non-the-less. At one point I flew two sims east and couldn’t tell the difference and then got lost on the way back – I was stood two houses away from mine and still couldn’t find it!

Anyway, it’s not all bad: my sim is called Nutsedge. I know the yanks may be thinking I mean nuts as in crazy, but honestly I just mean testicles. I’m British, I laugh when someone says “Winnie the Pooh”. Poo. Heh.

Anyways, take a look at my Valley of the Burros…

Edit: Here is the SLURL 🙂

Linden Home_001

Linden Home_002

Linden Home_003

Linden Home_004

Linden Home_005
Errrmmm, Where do I live? Is it there? Or there? There maybe? Nope… not a fucking clue…

(1) I *had* thought I’d want a Japanese style one (I certainly didn’t want a frigging Super Mario Castle!) but they looked a bit naff. Well, they all look that, but at least the LA ones have two floors and I like that in a house – I blame growing up in a bungalow 🙂


  1. Identical houses clustered together to make it difficult to find your own? Welcome to my RL. 🙂 (Okay, my part of suburbia is not that dire.)

    And don’t worry: “nuts” and “poo” have crossed the pond quite well, thank you.

  2. Honestly I am too appalled by the idea of suburban tract housing in SL to even comment.
    I suppose everyone has their own dreams.

    1. Yeah, it’s not my cup of tea but RP like ours isn’t for everyone either. I’ll be posting more soon, but I’ve done mone up to look like a 1950s PI investigating Cthulhu lives(or lived!) there.

      1. Now see THAT is exactly what that scene needed…..tentacles!
        And suburbanites fleeing the relentless appetites of the Great Old Ones.
        Well Done.

  3. Good God, what a disaster! I’d have expected some minor sort of urban planning – roads and all that. Not Pimplyarse Linden shrugging and grunting, “Aww, just break it up into 512sqm chunks.”

    Honestly, couldn’t they have learned something from, oh, Azure Islands or some other rental estate?

  4. I enjoyed the original 64 Nascera sims, just because there was a lot of open space between the themed regions. Not as much, ratio-wise, in the new, greatly expanded continent. Er, 3 continents I mean.

    Someone mentioned Azure Islands… yeah, that and Otherland would be a much more ideal style of development that could have been though about. Instead LL took the Nautilus City model and multiplied it, ad nauseum some might say, without adding in as much supporting Linden mythology (the most interesting part of NC to me, along with the park areas and, of course, the surrounding ocean… what amazing stuff there!).

    Boy I really miss the old Azure Islands.

    But, HBA, still I can see the attraction in getting one of those houses, especially in the “older” section. The California modern houses are obviously a superior space; I think the fantasy vegetation and landscaping, though, is the most interesting. The Japanese themed region’s trees are quite fascinating as well.

    I always thought the most interesting part of Nascera was in the areas between the themed regions, where the different motifs blended one into another.

    As you can probably tell, I’m not totally negative on Nascera, at all. I just think it was based upon a flawed model, and then the flaws greatly exaggerated simply by the sheer size of the project. The design seems rushed — is that an understatement?

    1. Hi BB,

      I actually think you provide a measured and rational view of the build. I totally agree about Nautilus, although I really haven’t explored it in any depth at all I do think the most interesting stuff was built before the land was sold off and therefore it’s a continent of two halves in many ways.

      Linden Home Land (Nascera? I didn’t know it was called that) could have been sooooo much more! Look at Bay City fer gawd’s sake. Sigh.

      I think the problem is I’m looking at the new Linden Homes project through 3.5 year old eyes. I’m no longer the Lab’s target audience/customer. I was what they wanted in 2006 – now they want paying noobs who don’t come into SL for the crative escape of near total freedom, rather they want SIMS players who want to spend money decorating a home and buying new clothes and skin and hair. They want consumers, not residents.

      Apart from seting up my Cthulhu-esque decorations in the home, I’ve not been back and unless I’m about to tell a story there, I doubt I ever will.

      I think I’ll try and write a post about what I’d like to see in the area…

  5. Hehe. Interesting comment about SIMS players and consumers vs. residents. I’ve been trying to get my rl wife to spend more time in SL, but she’s still basically stuck in Farmville as far as playing in virtual reality goes. A lot of it I think is money: FarmV. basically costs nothing, and SL, even though I only buy or rent land and basically *nothing* else (oh, I did purchase a cute Victorian house sev. months ago), still eats through 40 plus dollars a month, with no cash, really, coming back to me.

    What really kind of gets me is the lack of SL blogs. You know? Google “Jeogeot” images, for example. What comes up? Well, images from my blog and from our mutual Japanese explorer’s blog and then further on, from kou Umaga’s blog. And not too much more. Shouldn’t be like that.

    Gotta run!

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