Holo’s New Diner (or Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag [of Chow])

My mate Holocluck Henley (Bay City’s favourite comic book artist & Emergency Medical Hologram) is opening a new diner over in Hydrangea. He’s got a history of diners you know, he built a cracker over at the winterfest sims a few months ago and he’s taking all that experience and slapping up The Starship Diner and it’s looking great! Go along and try out the food replicator, the fish & chips were quite good 😉

EDIT (19th April 10): By the time you’ve read this The Starship Diner will have been open for a while – here is Holo’s first update post 🙂

Holos New Diner in Hydrangea_001

Holos New Diner in Hydrangea_002


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