Cowell is vanishing?

Report to follow… can’t talk… too shocked and upset…

EDIT (8 hours later): Salazar has confirmed that the land and Champie Jack’s building has been washed away by an ocean surge of unknown orgin but tests indicate it was a random eveny and does not indicate a wider instability in Cowell. He also says that the prims the wave has freed up will lead to to remodelling rather than direct rebuilding. Watch this space! Hat tip to Douglas Quinn for alerting me!

EDIT (19th April 10): Sal has added some links on the Kahruvel website about the Rodeo Incident & the Phyneas Jack Memorial Trust plans for the future.

Cowell is vanishing!_002

Cowell is vanishing!_001


          1. Oops ! My phone must have eaten the rest of that comment.. I was trying to add my agreement to your comment above ;o)

            I was one of those buying #ratm4xmas last year.

  1. No need to fear, HeadBurro. (At least not for this.) The void flare that hit Cowell a few months ago and obliterated the west end of Champie Jack’s building also displaced/damaged its’ original foundation stones. Subsequent wave action has accelerated the beach erosion along that part of the jetty and caused the rest of the building to collapse into the sea. Champie cleaned up most of the remaining debris and some was swept out into the Void and returned to various Lost & Found folders. It was a pretty prim heavy building and I’m sure that contributed to its’ speedy demise. That being said, a large number of prim resources have been realized in Cowell and those will be used toward helping future tenants that the Trust is hoping to secure for the Village. Also, I’ve built a wooden walkway to connect the Lighthouse with the rest of the Village. So perhaps a bit of a blessing in disguise.

    1. Good to hear Sal – I guess all the recent ‘incidents’ coupled with the drip drip drip news of various beloved old haunst winking out of existence has made us all jumpy.

      I have to say this all sounds like excellent news for Cowel, especially the “future tenants” part! Neighbours at last! If we got more people in, I’d be more than happy to free up the lower of my two floors (but I’d like to keep the roof grden if possible)

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