Building a log cabin – part the first

Over in Steelhead’s St Helens region I’ve embarked on my first building adventure since I built a wall for The Show Must Go On a couple of years ago. This time I’ve decided to build a log cabin for the poor burnt HBA to live in to get him out of the snow and rain – and it’s been a hell of a slog!

To start I rezzed up a sky platform over my land and laid out a copy of nichus Berman’s log cabin he kindly donated to me so I could see how he’s built his:
Steelhead St Helens

From here I needed logs… lots of logs!
Steelhead St Helens

It was at this point I started to learn that all textures are not made equal… oh god, the pain… Still, moving on, I went back down to earth to start laying out the rough shape & first layer. I’d decided a while back that for roleplay purposes I wanted to make the site look like a real construction site and build the cabin in a way that looked like it had been built in real life. I found this picture on the web which I chose as a guide:
Old Log Cabin

And you can see here how I tried to follow the RL building methods:
Steelhead St Helens

Steelhead St Helens Steelhead St Helens

All the while, a wee cat watched my every move…
Steelhead St Helens

I’d set up a skyline to the forest above so I could get the felled trees down to the building site – it wasn’t long before I had quite a collection!
Postcard from Second Life.

I’d been hard at work shaping the logs and planks…
Postcard from Second Life.

After many days of hard graft (not to mention steep learning curves and frustrations aplenty thanks to SL being right old sack of shit at the moment) I got the walls up, door and window frames in and even the roof beams on!
Log cabin with some roof and mud 001

Postcard from Second Life.

I’ve still got loads to do (doors, glazing, shingles, porch, steps, fire, furniture) but I’ve broken the back of it now and it’s looking good – even if I do say so myself! I’ll be posting some updates as I go along, but let me tell you it’s been one hell of a learning experience! I can’t say I find building a whole heap of fun – a low point being when I accidentally set half the cabin to Physical and it all but collpased. Between textures and linking/locking I think I have a lot to learn…

p.s Sorry for the various photo styles, but SL is still being a right bastard about sending photos by email so there’s a mix of upload styles here.

Come and see it all here 🙂



  1. the primwood that grows in Steelhead is particularly hard at this time of year so you did really well to cut through all that texture . I recommend a primsaw with an extremely sharp script 🙂
    Looks fantastic, well done The more you do the easier it gets as they say and I love that log pile aswell

  2. Well done! That looks like it is shaping up into a right fine abode. Congratulations! Let me know if you need any additional timber and I will somehow find a way cross it over and to float it up to your homestead.

  3. Love your building site, you have some nice land there! Your cabin turned out great! Drop on by Garneau and have a look at our log homes sometime if you like, ’cause we LOVE Log Cabins!


    1. Cheers for that – it’s hugely prim heavy (600+ at least) but it’s meant for RP fun rather than sale, etc. I suppose I could tun it into a series of sculpties, but I lack the time and knowledge to do so 🙂

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