Disaster in Rodeo! Kahruvel Erased… AGAIN!

I was pootling around in St Helens building a log cabin when an IM popped up from Neal Lyle: Get to the Forest! Something terrible has happened! Rodeo has gone!

Rodeo? Gone? I assumed he meant the sim had winked out of existence. It happens. Red mapped we used to call it – the whole sim just vanished leaving perfectly straight cliff walls tumbling into an inaccessible sea where once hills and valleys could be explored and enjoyed. It takes a while, but The Powers That Be can bring these lost lands back pretty quickly (and since Havok 4 came into being it seems to be quite rare) so as I TPed over I simply thought this would be a panic over little.

I should have known better. This was Neal, not some three-week old newbie still green around the gills. Neal knew the grid. Neal knew what warranted an urgent message and what didn’t. I should have known.

Rodeo is still there, but it looks as though everything on it has been erased! The land looks like it must before human (or otherwise) hand had touched it. The tower was gone. The standing stones and the aqueduct too. The idol’s head Ilia found, gone. All gone.

Neal and I both IMed Sal, but he was out-of world and there was nothing we could do but wait. It was terrible thing to stand on the hill over looking the inlet and see all I have loved about the first since I found it three years ago simply gone.

The old BB blog header

New BB Blog Header - Kahruvel & Rodeo

Rodeo Erased!

I heard on Sal’s twitter feed that he’s alerted the Linden’s, but he sounds worried and if Sal is worried we all should be. What if this is the work of the Great Erase? What if it has followed me back from Shade?


  1. A possible explanation in theory, Opensource, but the Edit Land settings have never been enabled in Rodeo and they continue to show that today. Also, the terrain remains unchanged and has not been raised or lowered. Though close to Immaculate, an old Mainland continent with a +/- 40 meter terraform capability, the Lindens limited Rodeo’s terraforming limit to +/- 4 meters when it was first gridded. Not everything has vanished and there seems to be no rhyme nor reason to what was left behind and what was lost. Investigations continue…

      1. I get so lost at times like when I heard “dogging” used.

        I was sure they were being hassled for walking their dogs in the park and felt the British authorities were being heavy handed.

        It can only get worse. I read an article this morning on demands the BBC end their use of American slang. One example was “fess up” which I knew having used on a birt in Germany and getting this odd look of “what is your ignorant yank ass trying to say?”.

        Sadly, after the Doctor, Amy and I had that great time the other night, I can take any abuse from that land of magic. What a ride.

  2. I’ve often been seen pootling around Kahruvel.

    It’s where I always come home too. Much the way I used to hear you talk about Murray.

    I really hope that something can be done to return the area (I’m looking at you LL!) to its former self.

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