Is this The End of Days?

Holy crap… you remember the scene in Ghostbusters where they try to convince the mayor that the city is facing some very serious shit indeed? Remember the speech they gave about real Biblical, Old Testament crapola about to rise up and bite the arse out of New York. Boiling seas. Brimstone from the sky. Forty days of Darkness. Remember it? Well remember when Venkman added “…cats and dogs living together…” to the end of that just before telling the mayor (Lenny…) that he could save the lives of millions of registered voters? Well, remember then how we laughed like drains little realising that in those words, or rather in their meaning, lay a dire warning for us all that would only come to fruition over twenty years later. Today, in fact. Now. The End of Days has begun.

Now to prove this I can’t give you cats and dogs living together (largely because Eggy wouldn’t allow it) but I can give you the next best, spine-chilling thing. Even more spine chilling than the Brown smile (*shudder*). Ladies and gentlebumps, I give you not one, but two grand old grumpy buggers making with da funnies.

First Prok stops telling everyone including God that they are dumber than a box of very stupid bricks and instead makes fun of the whole metaverse in one long (still angry) gigglefest about Island Life.

Then only a day later (although an important day) Dame Oridinal stops tutting and writing unseen comments in her notebook to tell us just how she will save Linden Lab.

I don’t think my wee dumb, tut-worthy brain can cope with such a shift in the known and stable universe I’d come to rely on. I feel like a man who’s woken up to find Newsnight has won a best New Comedy award and Paxman regarded as the new Ricky Gervais. It’s not right and I’d like to ask them both to stop messing with our minds and just go back to being grumpy!



  1. That Prok has never heard the line about brevity being the soul of wit – he surely goes on and on!

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