A workaround for the snapshot to postcard issue

I came into SL last night to help Enjah out with the 2010 show – it was good to be back, but the first hour was still a minefield of annoying techy issues that pissed me right off, but I remained calm and did not re-spit my dummy out and in the end I had a good night.

Along the way I got an IM from Mari who told me about Torley’s workaround for the snapshot issue that had pissed me off so royally the week before. The issue is that I couldn’t send snapshots via email anymore (saving to disk did work but as I don’t use that system it’s not an idea alternative for me, more an emergency plan B). It turned out this is one of those ancient issues that had rumbled on in the Jira for a while but seems to have become much worse in the latest server roll out. Torley suggests reducing the size of your snapshot (he explains more here in the Jira). For a few months I’ve been taking my shots at 2880 x 1618 & 80% quality giving me a file size of around 500Kb to 1Mb (1Mb being the cut off limit when emailing out as I do – I email out to Snapzilla and that in turn emails the shot to Flickr – I’ve edited the postcard XML file so it automatically has the correct email address in the To: field). This *had* been working fine but on Torley’s suggestion I dropped the size to 1440 x 809 & 80% quality (giving me a file size of 300Kb to 500Kb) and it worked again.

Now obviously the fact that I should be able too send the larger shots (and until two weeks ago could!) means that this is only a workaround for an error I really hope the Linden’s fix toot sweet, but at least it means I (and you if you have been similarly blighted) can send postcards again! TY Mari & Torley 🙂


  1. Yeah, I can see your desire to need that sort of resolution, but only if porn is involved. I find the graphics quality in SL is better suited a tad bit lower since a high res shot of your two year old kid’s art work is just that.

    However it was worked out, I think we can all agree it’s great it was so you can get going again. And that high res porn is cool.

  2. Well obviously close up pron is beautiful – just look at this beauty! Phwaor! but I am blessed with a very large graphics card that can handle Windlight on ultra with shadows on and the AA set to 16x. It’s a shame not to be able to use a wang like that just because Linden’s servers have never ridden down a cobbled street on a boneshaking old bicycle before, don’t you agree?

  3. ya see..this is the thing…people say, “Oh SL isn’t a game, blah balh blah”

    and the fact is, yes…yes, it most certainly the fuck is a game, and here’s the rules:

    LL sets certain parameters–like prim limits–that you have to work around and within. The more cool stuff you can do or make within those ridiculous parameters, the better you are doing in game. If you actually impress other people with what you’re doing in SL, that means you’re winning.

    However, just to keep things interesting and to make the game challenge, just when you feel like you are beating the SL game, the labsters will randomly break shit.

    They pretend they are doing it by accident, but we all know the truth. If they break enough shit badly enough to get you to quit, or cry, or break your computer with a cricket bat, then THEY are winning. So you have to try to find new workarounds to fend off their evil “let’s break shit” strategy.

    Ultimately, if you prove too clever of an opponent, they will resort to cheap shots like waiting for you to TP to a fancy social event, and then they will delete your pants as you rez. When that happens–rejoice, because you know that you have them running scared.

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