Coming back to the same old gubbins…

Well, I’ve missed SL these last 2 or 3 days. My wee head has been full of (other than snot I should say) storylines for HBA & Ryne and I’d like to get back to writing them. I’m less angry about the snapshot error (please vote on the Jira here) and therefore thinking about returning.

That was until I started reading up on the blogs.

Lindens gone & Viewer 2.0 being less that optimal. yay.

Maybe I’ll stay out here a bit longer, huh? See what happens before I come out from under the duvet?

But then this *is* SL – it’s never perfect and always frustrating and it’s the only show in town so what choice do I have?

Argh! Who am I kidding? I love it! Yes SL is a big bag of gold nugets & shit, but at least there’s some gold, eh?

Righto then, see you this weekend for the Nova Albion Parade (which will lag like a bastard, crash many of us out several times, not allow group chat and deny any snapshot uploads but which will also be fun), ok?


  1. Yeah, about that….

    This looked to be an extended absence so to pick up some extra revenue we rented your room to 11 Pakistani exchange students. I don’t think there is any issue with you joining them, but they paid in advance and cannot go until flight school is over.

  2. I should have started a pool!

    For myself I thought you might have lasted a week at least ;o)

    Hope to catch up with you at – The Parade anyway (not working this weekend am I!!!)

    1. Fuck – bastard IE ate my comment. This is why I hate IT! It’s shit like this that sets my blood to boiling and makes me punch screens (bust a lappy doing that) and stop coming in-world. It’s all too… hard work.

      Anyhoo, I was saying that I’m only coming in to help Enjah with the show & to support the parade – after that I don’t know. I still have to work out what I’m doing in SL – does it still provide a creative outlet for me or is it just a habit?

  3. Welcome back, your Burroness, even if temporarily!

    I haven’t given the 2.0 viewer another try after it locked me up badly. Of course, now I have to try to log in twice each time – the first time inevitably fails. I’ll have to look at the jira at home (my employer thoughtfully blocks it), but for me the only recent problem with taking pictures is the interminable time it takes to get everything to rez. My computer hasn’t gotten any slower, I don’t think.

    But with all that, and the other nonsense that constitutes the never-ending battle to have a pleasant on-line experience, I’m still there.

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