The Malted Bunneh!

My mate Enjah has been a busy bee of late – she’s been making more and more films and her latest is a real doozie! Tiny noir reaches new hieghts with her wonderful film “The Malted Bunneh”, a tale of greed, lust, deception and murder in Nova Albion city!

And like any good filmmaker, she’s even added a blooper track!

p.s. Is it just me, or is Officer Hawkins the best looking one in the whole film?



  1. That’s hilarious! And that Officer Hawkins surely is in line for an Oscar nomination. 🙂

    I really liked the blooper reel, though.

  2. Brilliant! I loved the blooper reel… “You were just gonna film me walkin’ off that edge!” Priceless. 😀 The way the tinies fight is pretty hilarious too.

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