Come Visit Murray By The Sea (Moles not included…)

Time for an update on Murray, my old home, I think. What? You agree? Goodo!

Well, I popped over recently and found that Naughty Mole has added a metric tone of plants to beautify the place as well as some rather lovely paths with half a mountain of buried stones. She’s also added some Brighton style beach huts and one of them is a nifty place for changing your appearance – try it, it’s pretty clever 🙂


Whilst there I bumped into Naughty Mole (who’s been charged with renovating the old infohub) and her colleague Silent Mole (who looked a little different the last time I met her :-D) and they were working on the cool toobs (they were updating the scripts in them, but they were using original Ben Linden toobs from 2004!
Moles in Murray
Moles in Murray Murray


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