Right, I’ve had enough. I want to IM in-world from my phone. Before you mention Sparkle or Touch Life let me stop you there. I *don’t* have a iPhone or iPad or an iAnything. I have a Windows Mobile phone.That means my phone, whilst having some lovely features life a working Office suite, was designed to be as much fun as say your average stapler and has apps like Weather! and Productivity Now! and GeoTagMe!


Enough. I want – and will fucking wll pay for! – an app that allows me to IM with SL. That’s all. That’s not a lot to ask for. Just IM. I’d love more, but I will settle for IM. Now will someone please – PLEASE – make the fucker and put me out of my Windows Mobile misery.



  1. Ok, I won’t mention how good Touch Life works on the iPhone, then 😉

    Sadly even that web based solution Katherine Berry runs doesn’t work on anything but an iPhone browser. Maybe you can poke her and see if she thinks it would be possible to make a version for other mobile browsers. Or maybe she sooner would poke out an eye than look into supporting mobile IE …

    Of course you could allways hand over some cash to one of those friendly dealers at those glas-and-apple temples 😉

    1. Barney! Sorry my good man, but the spam filter held your comment and I only noticed today!

      I may well IM Kathryn, but never fear I don’t use the Devil’s poo that is mobile IE – take a looksee at the marvel that is Opera Mobile 10 (beta) – it’s a wonderful and beautiful browser 🙂

      As for buying an apple anything… if only I have the folding stuff 😀

  2. With some calm reflection, you will come to understand there is no need whatsoever for this. It will be like the time all the other kids were wearing their pants really low and you had to do it only to find out it was really not something you were interested in.

  3. Hee! Don’t tell me you guys had to try on your pants like that to figure out it wasn’t a look that works on…well, anyone.

  4. I have to say the Rail trip back to Scotland on East Coast (but not Cross Country for some reason) was far less boring with free Wifi and TouchLife on the Ipod ;o)

  5. Ahh but I’m still in the same boat. The only program I’ve seen for Android my new(er) phone is subscription based rather than something you just buy :o(

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