It’s a 360 Degree love affair…

I love – LOVE! – this neat little gizomo on Avatrian (huge TY to Osprey for finding it!). You simply enter a sim name and the X,Y & Z coordinates and in a few mins you have a 360 degree photo-view point thingy of that spot! How cool is that? This is the view from my camp in Stelhead St Helens. Go to the Avatrian Peek 360 site and try one for yourself!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Come over and see St Helens for yourself here.



  1. It is so rewarding to read comments like this. We really appreciate it. We’re presently adding more features to Peek360 to make it even more useful…like view searches, the ability to select theme/advance sky and more intelligence in the back-end software. Send us any feedback. We’re listening.

    Cheers to all!

    1. If you do get into developing one for the iPhone, don’t foget us Windows Mobile users (I think Flash works in the Opera Mobile 10 browser I have).

      Hell, I’m still waiting for ANYINE to make a simple instant message program for the WinMob users so we can log in to SL and chat away like SLim users can 😦

      1. Hi Headburro,
        I thought I was on top of the social networking applications. But had to admit that I haven’t heard of VodPod before. We tested Peek360 in several WordPress blogs, the embed codes we included seem to work without a hitch. But, I believe you. Will look into this VodPod to see if that will make sharing easier. Considering that the initial reason for us to develop Peek360 is to help bloggers showcase SL spaces better, it would be a shame if someone has to be savvy like you before it can be inserted into a post.
        Thanks much!

        1. I think flash embeds are ok with selfhosted WP blogs but not with WP hosted ones (like mine – a blog). And don’t worry, I’d never heard of VodPod until I googled why I could display the 360 – and that still doesn’t mean I just didn’t get it right and ou can display them after all 😀

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