Steelhead Stories: The Hunt for Creaky Gloom – Trouble at t’mill!

It was barely my first night in my new home and already my isolation was being disturbed. It had started during the day when I noticed some kind of kerfuffle across the water at the mill. Mara Razor’s place was being over run by children, the scamps of Steelhead and urchins from Babbage all seemed to be converging on the farm in what looked like some kind of mass exodus!

Then came the terrible sounds in the night! I rushed out of my tent and across the river I heard an animal screaming in terror and pain! I was about row over when torches emerged from the mill. I don’t know what happened, but someone, or something, had attacked Mara’s animals.

And now… now I can just make out the children all building rafts and getting ready to sail across towards me. I know I’m being foolish, I know I’m being a coward, but I can not face them! If they come this was that I am going to hide in the forest until they have gone – I know where there is an empty cave…

St Helens Stories: Strange Sounds at the Mill


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