Steelhead Stories: The Hunt for Creaky Gloom – The Cost of His Crimes

The scamps had found Li Fe. Or what was left of him. I’d seen cannibalism before, back in Manchester, back in the dark days, back when I still had children. How in God’s Name was I going to tell a mother that her only child had been eaten by some monster from our collective nightmares?
Steelhead Stories: Creaky Gloom


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  1. Manchester council has asked we avoid their name and “cannibalism” in the same sentence. When that is not possible they ask “children” never be tossed in as well.

  2. Heh, I lived there in the early 90s whilst at uni – within 2 streets we had a huge police drugs raid, a shooting, knifings, an acid attack, a house-break-in where they took everything including the boiler and pipes and several threats of “mates with a van”.

    I had a great time but it’s fucking shithole 🙂

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