So, good old Wally Linden wants to yak about linking our SL & RL IDs. True enough he says he wouldn’t want it to be compulsory, but rather he wants people to think about it.

I’ve thought about. My answer is very simple.

Get to fuck.

If this *was* forced on us then I’d leave. I don’t give a shit if it’s voluntary – I just wouldn’t do it. But if LL tries to make us do it, that’s me gone.

Christ! With the sheer number of grade-A, pure-filtered window-licking loons, nut-jobs and through-&-through bastards in SL (and on line generally) there is no fucking way I want them pissing over my RL. The same way you don’t walk into a nightclub and hand out your photo with your address & phone number, you don’t give them to every stalker, griefer and twat online either.

Wally, start talking about things worth talking about and earn that pay packet. Here’s one for you – Web on a prim: Why do you want it and when? Get on with that one and stop with the dumbs.


  1. Hamlet is telling us how videos in year old movies were made and about $499 over-sized phones we do not need in the middle of the worst economic crisis since Jesus’ mom paid 4 stones for grain and their blog is telling us we need to be who we really are.

    None of this is meant to be important (and I could give a pube about HTML on my ass). It is meant to make you look away from Xstreet, the lag, the fact we have a 12 year old Doctor, etc.

  2. sorry to confess that i love when the lindens get you going, you are the most creative and entertaining ranter in the entire blogosphere! maybe they do it on purpose! let’s jerk antfarm’s chain,,,it’s such a dull day

    1. LOL! I doubt I even BEEP on their radar, but it’s still nice to have a rant and do some sweary stuff – I’m so buttoned down in SL! In the office I swear all day long like that 🙂

  3. Yeh I agree on this one… it’s just a distraction from the bollocksy issues.

    Personally, I quite happily dole out my RL info to close friends in SL. Many of my close friends have my full name and some have my phone number. But I agree that I wouldn’t want just anyone in world having that…

    That breeds potential stalker psychodom.

    1. Yeah, I was just sating on Rhia’s blog that Adric is right about this kind of things being a distraction from deeper issues. The Lab probably call them the Prok Protocols or sommat since they seem specially designed to get right up his nose.

      As for friends in SL havinf RL info, I’m the same – some have my RL name, address, number and family photos. SL’s no different from RL – you chose your level of disclosure every day, no one makes you bark out your details in the work’s canteen.

  4. Yeah, other people have speculated that this kind of discussion is an example of the carny barker distracting the rubes while their pockets are picked.

    I note you call the new LL convo manager “Wally” as do some other folks. I am assuming that this is not intended as a form of friendly familiar address and instead has more to do with the use of the term as a colorful britishism. I refer readers who don’t understand the reference to the urban dictionary:

  5. Kids;

    One day Uncle Adric will have you sit on his knee (once certain legal issues are cleared up anyway) and tell you about a 50 year old man who stepped into a role and made it his own.

    Not grouchy like the first or a clown like the second. He was a man of Venusian aikido who would fight if needed. He was a man of brilliance. He was a man of charm. He made gray hair cool. He made a velvet smoking jacket cool. He was the Doctor.

    There will never be another like him.

  6. Uncle Adric might want to rethink his story-telling locale, lest a certain irritable steampunk girl make things uncomfortable in his nether regions. 🙂

  7. ((And Mr. Adric Antfarm, I hope the previous comment was taken in the humorous spirit in which it was given.))

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