The Broken Arch of Nova Albion

Nova Albion Logo

A few months ago I heard disturbing rumours that the iconic archway of Nova Albion in Grignano, shown in its full glory in the picture above, had collapsed. I made a trip over and was saddned to find that the beautiful span created and gifted to the city by Lordfly Didgeridoo in 2005 in pieces strewn across the bay beneath them…

Nova Albion's Broken Arch

How had this happened? And how can we fix it? I’ll ask around and let you know what I find out…


  1. Ahhh, so *that’s* what it was! When I made my visit, all I saw were the pieces, and couldn’t figure out what they went to!

  2. I think it’s just swell you kids these days have your Encyclopedia Brown books and Dick Tracy toys, but not only are the professionals on the job, they are there in wide screen.

    You kids get your head filled with ab work, DNA, and other things we don’t waste time or money on. We see if there is an Infohub clo

    se and pick the one that seems the most guilty. Looking at this Infohub, we may have to bring the lot in.

  3. Who are you calling a kid, sonny? I was born in the 19th century, so every time I visit your world I feel about 140 years old! 🙂

  4. Time is very relative to the polarity of the neutron flow my good man.

    Last time I was here you could still breath, but according to my pocket travel guide there are more mad scientists per capita here than anywhere else which I imagine requires a great deal of power (and bodies for experiments).

  5. The archway in Grignano collapsed due to a void flare during one of the Grid’s periods of especially acute instability. I didn’t see it occur, but my mom heard the blast and ran out the door of Cafe Jack just in time to see the arch collapse and break into the sections that ended up in the tahra. The westernmost archway footing was obliterated by the flare, demolecularized most likely, and a new one was constructed to take its’ place. Another flare occurred right around the same time along the southern border of Cowell. I saw that one first hand and watched as it punched through the grid border and blasted Champie Jack’s building and the jetty on which it stands. It dug a channel right through the jetty, turning the Lighthouse’s portion of it into a small island. I was able to set up some old gini devices at both locations and rig some force fields to augment the grid borders until the Lindens were able to fix the disparity. I posted an entry about it on the old Linden forums. Hopefully the archive for those will come to light someday and I can link to it.

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