A brief update on press articles about SL

You’ll have seen me rant about articles that are little more than badly reserached lazy pieces on how SL is dying and full of perverts and wierdos written to fill copy and meet a deadline. You’ll also have seen me praising articles where the author obviously took time to get to know more about SL and produced some good points on where it needs improving and where it really shines. Well there must be something in the air at the moment as there have been a flurry of such good & bad articles in the press and here are three more for you:

The Good: Randall Hand of VizWorld takes his second look into SL and focuses on machinema.

The Bad: Via Pixel Scoop comes news of a frankly terrible article by yet another lazy-arsed fuckwit.

The Meh: Barry Collins (fresh from his mauling by Dio) answers some of the many points his orginal piece of crap spawned.

There ya go – go along to them and comment at will.


Edit: I left a comment for The Bad but I doubt it’ll get on:

Wow, well done. I honestly never thought anyone would top the BBC online magazine’s recent article about Second Life but you’ve managed it in spades. That was the worst piece of under-researched, poorly-presented pap I’ve read since, well since the BBC’s under-researched, poorly-presented pap.

Please don’t think I’m saying this because you didn’t like my hobby. That’s not it at all. You have every right to ignore, dislike and never use SL again, but at least get your facts about it correct when you write for what I assume is a semi-professional site.

I’m pretty sure you don’t, but if you want to read a far more balanced view of an non-SL user’s experience on SL, try Randall Hand’s posts over at VizWorld:





  1. I can only assume there are the same kind of half-assed, facts-wrong articles about other popular sites or games.

    Then again, I can’t blame these guys entirely. The few times I’ve known something about a newspaper article, the newspaper has gotten at least one, and usually several, key facts wrong. It’s gotten so I shrug and move on. The lesson I take away is not to believe much of what I read.

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