Murray Rebooted?

I may have mentioned my old home of Murray once or twice but as I stopped going there some time ago I’ve not heard anything about the small spit of land that was once so important to me. Until a few nights ago that is when I received an IM from my old mate Douglas Quinn…

“Have you seen Murray?” he asked.

“Err, not recently,” said I somewhat confused.

“The Moles are doing it up! It’s all gone Tiki!”

Tiki, thunk I? Tiki? Tiki as in Lovely Azure South Seas Washing That Man Right Out Of My Hair Everything Bamboo Grass Skirts And The Like Tiki? Bloody hell… this I had to see.
Murray: The New Info Hub


Now let me make a couple of things clear, I’m happy the Moles are tarting up Murray and I have nothing against Tiki. But do I think Murray should be a Tiki info hub? Not really. But then am I mad that it certainly looks like it will be? Nah it’s all good. Let’s face it, since the Lab closed the Murray infohub and removed all the seats and signs in late ‘06/early ’07 Murray has been nothing but grass, dirt, a few mangy trees and a shit load of griefing. Hell, even when we (finally) got the Lindens to come over and shut down the build & script perms on the land Murray so the weapons-headz couldn’t cage and warp us all to buggery and back, the place was still only as pretty as a pig, and a pretty plain pig at that.

But having said all that, I can’t help thinking that the old girl deserves better than to be dolled up like some kind of set for “America’s Next Love Island!” so I hope the Moles treat her gently. Still, at least she’ll be home to a whole new cohort of people who will love her for what she is, not what she was. And being slap bang in the middle of some of the oldest builds in SL, I hope they explore and discover more about their new world like I did. Like I say, it’s all good 🙂

Farewell Murray, you served us well. In your place let Murray 3.0 rise from the sands and may everyone who finds it anew be served with a drink in a coconut husk to celebrate its new life! 😀


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    1. Blimey! What busy Moles! I suppose they’ve just done this for prettification. I’m glad you recorded it too – far too much slides past Linden Lab as they don’t seem to value the world’s history in the same way the Residents do 😦 I’m not arguing for no change, just for a recirding of the old and the new so we know how and when (and why) things changed.

  1. They say it takes losing something to really appreciate it. I think the same is true about Murray. Love or hate it, its where a lot of people had an sl start, including myself. I’m gonna miss that empty land where the most common phrase used was “This is it?”. I’ll even miss the griefers a little. Maybe not the infamous car-salesman griefers (the ones that staged griefing so you’d buy their toys). I’ll probably visit even less than I do now, which isn’t much. I got that feeling, you know? Like when someone puts up a mini-mall over your neighborhood baseball diamond.

    1. I have a sneaky suspicion that Murray will be exactly the same just with a Tiki bar and more people (although not that many more – it’s a homestead sim now so has lower av, prim & script limits). I think that unless it was to become like Ahern (it won’t – it’s in the wrong place for that) then it’ll always be Murray no matter what it looks like 🙂

  2. That’s weird I went back to Fuchsia (not like MJ Fox) and all the trees and temples had gone . what’s going on ? maybe the moles are using these sims as sandboxes ,testing out stuff.

  3. Just checked out the tiki hut in Murray. I wish Linden Lab would give me 506 prims to make something….

    1. LOL! Well mate you can apply to be a Mole – LL pay them you kbow 🙂

      Also if you check the profile of Naughty Mole out she has her web page listed and it turns out she lives not far from me and is a very successful SL builder earning about £25k from just SL. Blimey! There’s money in them thar prim hills!

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