Linden Tee & Mug Vendor, Part 2

Remember this? Ahhh, good old days filled with innocent posts written in more innocent, fun times. Well it can’t all be milk and hunny can it? What the chuff am I talking about? If you know, let me know will you? In the meantime, here’s a picture of me in the Eric Linden tee-shirt I found in the vendor Nish led me to. Now, where are my drugs?
Linden Tee-short & Mug Vendor



  1. I agree the bribes, offers of illicit drugs/acts, having to justify to yourself staying with and writing about a company that can count Xstreet as neither it’s first or last middle finger to it’s users, and hearing “your world is dying” in stereo for years has changed some…

    Not you or me, but some.

    To be an Antfarm is to suffer and we live for it.

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