Finally, an interesting & balanced article on SL

After recent spate of poorly researched and lazy shite poured forth by the likes of the BBC (shame on you Aunty, you let me down big time there old girl) and PCPro (who?) I’m pleased to see someone actually willing to spend the time and energy needed to get to know Second Life before he reports on it.

Now, he may not like it at the end of his proposed series of articles (or more likely he’ll not like all of it whilst some bits he’ll enjoy greatly) but that’s fine – as long as he’s put the hours in and can show he’s thought about what he’s written rather than just lazily bang off a 2,000 word cliche then I’m fine with that. Hell, he may well spot some of the things that old, jaded eyes like mine have missed, some of the barriers to noobs and some of the wonderful oportunities we overlook.

Whatever he has to say, I’ll be reading and commenting on his articles with a large number of other vocal SL users and lovers (as in we love SL, not each other, just to squash that rumour right there) so come and join us.

The article can be found here and I found out about via Dio who read about it on Crap’s blog.



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