Burro on the Edge!

OK, I’ve finished Borderlands, more or less* and slowly returning to SL but I’m not done gaming yet, ohnosireebob! Over Xmas Steam had a flippin’ HUGE sale on and I picked up a few bargains. Apart from all the Sam & Max games for a few quid, I also got (each for about £3 or £4!) Ghostbusters, Portal, Unreal Tournament 3, Osmos & Mirror’s Edge. Out of them all, Ghostbusters, Portal & Mirror’s Edge stand out…

Portal is a simply amazing game about escaping rooms using a ‘gun’ that puts holes in walls you can them step through. It’s far trickier than you’d think, yet they’ve made it far more fun that it should be! The humour in it jet black and truly beautiful – there is a song at the end that I want on my MP3 player so bloody much it hurts!

Edit: A free, flash play-online version of Portal via Kumi! 😀

Mirror’s Edge is beautiful. Really. You have to run through the city rooftops as a courier – only something has gone wrong and a violent police force is now after you. The shooty aspect of the game is played down – they real goal is to run and leap and swing and fly like your life depended on it, which it does. In spades.

Ghostbusters is so much bloody fun it hurts! The controls are total bollocks and made my fingers cry, but who cares – I was back in 1984 and being the one thing I’ve ever wanted to be in life!** And I’m such a Bill Murray fanboy I’d buy a game version of Stripes if I could 🙂 p.s. The catching and trapping of a ghost is SOOOOOOO MUUUUUCHHH FUUUN!

So, in short, I *am* back in SL, but I’m also elsewhere. I need cloning!***


* I’m on my 2nd run-through and currently a 44 level killing machine. After I finish it all again, I have the add-on zombie island game to play too, but other than that, and until such time they release more stuff, I’m done 😀

** Other than an astronaut that is!

*** If I could clone me, but make the clone me a female and then we had sex, would that be so wrong?

p.s. I got the Portal song – just google Portal & “Still Alive” & MP3 😀



  1. “A female clone is the same thing as having a twin sister. Remember that.”

    Ugh. Good point(s) indeed. I need to remember to think things through when dealing with genetic predicaments. Oh well, as Emily Litella would say… “Nevermind.”

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