Armord to leave Nova Albion!

What a shock – I heard from LisaHot Juran & Marianne McCann that Marcos Fonzarelli is selling up in Miramare and there is a very real chance that the amazing and iconic ARMORD tower in the city will soon be gone 😦 It’s a sad day for Nova Albion city – get along there now and see one of the oldest landmarks before it’s gone forever.

Nova Albion Logo

Nova Albion 5th Anniversary



  1. It’s a shame there is no Historic Landmark status in SL. This truly counts as one. Even Simcity3000 had Landmark status if a bldg or area – or farm – was just too epic to lose.

  2. If people would like to pull together and take up a collection to buy the land, I’d be happy to leave the building in place and transfer it to an “ARMORD Trust” group.

    At present, my store simply isn’t making enough money to be worth keeping the land. The value of the land when sold will go a long way for me in RL.

    I’m not leaving SL or anything. I still own a share of Abbotts Aerodrome and will still be around. 🙂

    1. Hi Marcos – I’m glad to hear you won’t be leaving SL 🙂 I hope someone does manage to buy your land – I agree that the capital released would go a long way in RL!

      If it doesn’t come to pass that a group (or individual) buys your land and wants to keep the tower, could you maybe deed a copy (maybe model sized) to the city? The model could be shown at Sal’s museum:

      I’ll really miss your place there – my oldest SL friend bought a robot av there when I was still very much new & noob. And I bought your steampunk boots and jetpack way back in the day when I was exploring the grid a lot more. I seriously need to stop by and check out what you have now – expect a few sales from me any day soon 🙂

  3. Hi,HBA.
    I remembered that it was talked to a large number of people in English in Nova Albion Infohub as for me and ran around. My ability had unreasonableness to talk in English with a large number of people 🙂

    As for SL, a change is very early.
    And it includes the possibility that we lose a precious building…

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