Steelhead St Helens Tour, Part 2

Now that more folks have moved into St Helens and got down & dirty with their prims, I thought it was time to get out on Frank and take a few pics for you, dear reader. For a start, I’ve pretty much finished my forest and campsite and my 3ksqm has moved from this…
Steelhead St Helens - My New Land

Through this…
Steelhead St Helens

To this…
Steelhead St Helens

So early one morning, when people were still in bed and less likely to see me and point & stare, Frank and I headed through the foothills of Mount St Helens and around Spirit Lake. Lunar’s place still looks as lovely as ever:
Steelhead St Helens Tour

The properties just north of Spirit Lake are still there (see part 1 of the tour for those) but this time I wanted to point out a small patch of common ground which had some very odd looking boulders on them. What are they? What is the ground for?
Steelhead St Helens Tour

Towards the north western border with Boomtown there are lots of lovely little plots (and a goodly few still available to rent – see the end of this post) including Mari Moonbeams wee cabin:
Steelhead St Helens Tour

A curious bunny tent from Katsu Catnap:
Steelhead St Helens Tour

And Anna Darwinian’s cottage:
Steelhead St Helens Tour

Crossing the bridge I saw Mara Razor’s new watermill. I’m hoping to contact Miss Razor about the regular purchase of supplies from her mill and animals as that would save me a trip into town where the scamps stare and call names behind my back.
Steelhead St Helens Tour

Steelhead St Helens Tour

A little way past the mill I came across a water tower…
Steelhead St Helens Tour

… and meadow:
Steelhead St Helens Tour

They belonged to Bobbijo Jonson who’s created a very colourful nature paradise!
Steelhead St Helens Tour

Behind her land and next to Maxim’s retreat (see part 1 of the tour for a pic) is a paddock belonging to Riven Homewood – I can’t wait for spring when she moves some ponies in there!
Steelhead St Helens Tour

Down by the water Mari Moonbeam’s farm and Frequency Picnic’s cabin are looking great:
Steelhead St Helens Tour

Frank & I were at the end of the tour on this side of the river and so retraced our steps and headed back over the mountain and through our forest to see the two new properties on our side of the water. The first is a grand Victorian mansion belonging to Vain Adder – how the hell he got all the wood and supplies all the way out here in the wilderness I’ll never know!
Steelhead St Helens Tour

Beyond him Autopilotpatty Poppy has hollowed out two of the biggest redwood stump I’ve ever seen and is busy turning them into a very cost looking home!
Steelhead St Helens Tour

This, dear reader, brings me to the end of my second St Helens Tour. As more folks move in and as builds change and evolve, I’ll bring you more pics, but in the meantime if my reports and pictures have led you to think you’d like to move in, then you’re in luck! There are a few 512sqm & 1024sqm plots left – some in the SW corner (where I am):
Steelhead St Helens Tour

And some are over in the NW corner near the borders of Boomtown & Shanghai:
Steelhead St Helens Tour

You can read more about renting in Steelhead here. The rates and prim allocations (as of 5th Jan 2010 and subject to change by management, of course) are:

  • Land Fee or Buy in Price: 6144L$
  • Monthly Rental: 1800L$
  • Weekly: 450L$
  • Most lots are double prim 234 some sims offer more than double prims at an additional fee if available

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    1. I do now 🙂

      Seriously though (and OOC) I hope the scamps don’t mind me saying this about them – I’m just dropping things in about people pointing and staring at the burnt HBA to give him a reason to seek the solitude of St Helens. I would have thought that kids being kids they would stare and and point, even if not maliciously, so I wrote it in. If people do mind then it’s easy enough to say it’s all in HBA’s imagination.

      A random thought – it’d be nice if the supplies (obviously there are no real supplies, I’m just saying there are for the RP) were brought over by a scamp who might befriend HBA and bring him out of his shell… just a thought that occured to me now… should I email you to discuss RPing together?

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