A Nish in Steelhead – The Building Begins!

On hearing my mucka Nish had moved into Steelhead (and not told me! What did I do? *sobs*) I took an early morning ride around Spirit Lake (on Frank, of course), through St Helens and down the road into Boomtown to look for a gypsy caravan and piles of building supplies. It didn’t take me long and I found Nish’s plot in the far SW corner of Boomtown, on what was the site of the old Peterman Folly. She seems hard at work on her Butterfly House and I can’t wait for the big opening night!*
Steelhead Boomtown (Nish's Place!)

*I doubt HBA will be there, he’s not come out of the forest since he returned from Caledon’s Regency Hospital. I’m sure Dr Beck will go – he’s looking for a chance to bend some ears about the terrible conditions in the slums as well as maybe even finding a sponsor for his clinic.


  1. Aww sry Head, I like surprises though, don’t you? 🙂 I still havn’t had a real good look round yet since I moved in so give me a call when you have free time . If I’m inworld I’ll probs be working on the BH at some sandbox I don’t want to reveal to much in Steelhead yet.

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