A Tour of Steelhead St Helens (Part 1*)

I know you know I’m living in St Helens, right? I mean I know I’ve been all quiet and shy about it I know, but I’m sure I’ve mentioned it in passing once or twice. Anyhoo, a couple of weeks ago when it was all new and near-neked I went a-wandering to take some pics of what people had done and to show you, my dearest reader, that there was still land available for renting should you be tempted by the delights of life in wild west wilderness of 1890s Oregon.

Here’s Lunar great build – I’m not sure what it is, sort of a train station crossed with a power plant, I’ll have to ask him once he’s less busy – as seen from across Spirit Lake:
Steelhead St Helens

Behind that you’ll find Maev Ceawlin’s balloon air tours:
Steelhead St Helens

Which is next to Elegia Underwood’s newly relocated Dragon’s Leap Inn:
Steelhead St Helens

Fogwoman Gray has a charming wee cabin nestled at the base of the mountain:
Steelhead St Helens

Which is in the shadow of a very rundown looking watermill on the border of St Helens & Shanghai:
Steelhead St Helens

There’s even a wee hidden cave buried inton the moutain if you can find it. And if you can, let sleeping bears sleep eh?
Steehead St Helens

Across the water from me, Mari Moonbeam has a lovely place:
Steelhead St Helens

As does Frequency Picnic:
Steelhead St Helens

And let’s not forget Maxim place on the eastern Boomtown border!
Steelhead St Helens

The whole place is rooted firmly in rough, rustic frontier life and the builds reflect just how much people have taken that to heart. Lunar has done a great job making the whole place look wild and old and, well, green 🙂
Steelhead St Helens

* More parts to come as some pictures never appeared in my flickr so I’ll need to take them again and since I took the ones that did make it more people have moved in and places have changed. There’s still a few plots left though – come along and see for yourself!

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  1. Beware Mrs. Gray-Volare’s residence. It may look very rustic an innocent from the outside, but more than likely has multiple sub-levels in which diabolical experiments are performed, if Her Grace’s other structures are any indication. Not that I would know, of course, but one hears rumors…

  2. Great pics HBA. As for the building close to the center it is a welcome center I need to go in and start filling it up with city stuffs. Plus I’d like to do a historical center on Mt St Helens in real life itself. Lots to do. 🙂

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