Steelhead Mystery Contest

Elegia Underwood, the queen of the Dragon Lands in Steelhead Shanghai, is running a brilliant contest to look for a mystery event that can be run in Steelhead Shanghai and she is looking for *your* ideas! Here are the rules and the deadline has just been extended to 15th Jan so get yout thinking caps on and drop Elegia Underwood your entry! Read more on the Steelhead Ning here.


Shanghai Mystery Story Contest
(sponsored by Dragonlands Hotel & Hovels)

The Dragon of Dragonlands wishes to sponsor THREE (3) mystery weekends.

Contestants are invited to come up with a storyline set firmly in the seedy underworld of Steelhead Shanghai. While the mystery may begin or end anywhere in Shanghai, & while it may wend wherever it will, the Dragon does insist that at least one clue or the beginning or the end is located somewhere in Dragonlands.

Submissions should include an introductory setting, a list of no fewer than 5 clues & no more than 10 & where they should be found & a solution. Submit one notecard (to Elegia Underwood) which should include Landmarks to each clue site, including the point of origin, ie, a dead body, an empty case with holes in it, a half sunken sampan with blood on the gunwales, whatever beginning you wish. The title of the notecard should begin “CONTEST – …” DEADLINE 15th Jan 2010.

If you want to supply objects to enhance the story, they will be welcome, but the final decisions will be based on the storyline & structure & how much fun the search for the miscreants will be.

If the storyteller wishes to involve private spaces (some of the buildings are or contain private residences), please obtain the agreement of the tenants. If the storyteller wishes to involve residents themselves, please obtain their agreement in advance. But you are encouraged to generate peripheral roleplay in the course of the investigation.

The best three will each be awarded 1000L & the opportunity to stage their own mystery. (Those who do not desire the responsibility may relinquish this task to the Dragon & her minions. The Dragon will oversee all activities.)

The Dragon reserves the right not to award any or all of the prizes if submissions do not intrigue her.

Please address all enquiries to Elegia Underwood, the Dragon of Dragonlands. (“A REAL Dragon? Pffft! There’s no such thing as Dragons.”)

(All submissions & any accompanying materials become the property of the Dragon of Dragonlands. The Dragon will not re-distribute or sell said submissions except in the course of staging the aforementioned mystery weekends. No mystery is to be staged, by the Dragon or the author, anywhere else but Steelhead Shanghai.)

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