The Return of The Mag

The call came in from Marianne MaCann, Magallen Linden was back on the Grid! The fact that the void-traveller had once more resurfaced could mean only one thing: new land had been found. Or he was out of booze. Two things, his return could only mean one of two things: new land had ben found or he had no booze left. Or, of course, he could have come back for his still-pining love Osprey. Three things. Mag’s return could only mean one of three things; new land, no booze, lost love and a fanatical devotion to the Pope!

I was busy, too busy it turned out, to visit the new land of Linden Homes everyone was talking about and where, rumour was spreading, Magallen’s latest crash site landing spot was to be located. A visit would have to wait. Nearly a month later I managed to get over there and I was amazed with what I saw!

Deep in the south of the newly-gridded section of 64 sims set aside for new premium homes lies Elderglen and there, just north-west of a moated area, is a circle of standing stones & crystals that appear to have been a teleportaion system possibly connected with the systems that were found around Nautilus.
Magallen Linden in Elderglen

I use the past tense for their usage as that ruddy great oaf has gone and broken them! No doubt he crashed into them after searching his supplies for refreshments and becoming well and truly refreshed to the point of a totally refreshed stupor.
Magallen Linden in Elderglen

Magallen Linden in Elderglen

Magallen Linden in Elderglen

The big question now, as always, is where the deuce has Magallen Linden gone now? Why are we are always one step behind? Read more here and join the hunt for the Grid’s greatest explorer (and worst driver)!

Edit: TY to The Bakers for a link to a Snapzilla Elderglen photo group 🙂



    1. Hi James, well I’m glad I’ve piqued your interest. Honestly, you’ll find tons to entertain and interest you in SL. Don’t make the common mistake of seeing SL as a weird replacement for your real life, it’s just an extension and if you keep that in mind, you’ll get out what you put in. Exploring is great fun in SL – the place is truly huge and people have filled it with every type of landscape you can imagine – from wilderness forests to alien cities to snowy mountains to trpoical islands. If someone can dream it, they can build it and you can enjoy it! If you do come in-world, drop me a line and I’ll show you around 🙂

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