Something old, something new… Happy New Year!

I didn’t do an Xmas post this year and wasn’t going to do a New Year one either due to an equal mix of busy RL and general can’t-be-arsedness, but hey ho I weakened. Mind you, before you break open the bubbly, I’ll warn you now, it’s a filler. Sorry. Sigh. I know, I know… I’ve let you down, I’ve let Nish down and I’ve let myself down, but if you agree never to mention it again I’ll do the same. Deal? Great! So, to the post!

Something old? What’s that about then? Well, take a gander at this pic and breathe in the wonder that is a working Linden Card & T-shirt vendor! Dating from July 2006, I’ve never seen one working (admitedly I’ve only seen a few and I’ve never really gone on the hunt for them, but stick with me – I’ve always *wanted* to find one). So, dear reader, imagine my joy when Nish found one! I hopped right over and got me one…
A 2006 Linden Card Vendor - FULL!

Something new? Look at me! That’s the new look Burro. Why? What? How? Blimey! Keep up! I’ve been burnt remember! I’ve moved into Steelhead St Helens remember! Sheesh. Anyhoo, you’ll still see me as the be-horned and furry HBA but only when I’m not RPing in Steelhead so don’t fret. In the meantime, please send large tubs of moisturiser to St Helens marked FAO “The Recluse”. Thank you.

Oh, and Happy New Year, of course. All the best for 2010 and I hope you had a great Xmas 😀



  1. oh! I like the new look-the shirt is very butch and lumberjacky, and the face-covering adds an air of mystery.

    “The Unknown Lumberjack”

  2. Happy New Year Head .
    You still havn’t said what Tshirt or mug or whatever you got from the vendor There seemed to be a whole host of different Linden packages when I peeked inside .

    1. hehe – they do hark from a more innocent time when Lindens seemed to be more haphazardly involved in resident’s lives. Now we have the LDPW (great as it is) and seemingly no room for these odd little pockets of strangeness…

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