Have your say in the future of SL’s Rail Network!

I always love the Department of Linden Public Works blog posts – they give me such hope for the future of SL. Well now they are looking for *your* ideas about how to improve and enhance the SLRR network. Pop over here and add your voice!
Nish's Train

This is me driving one of Nish’s wonderful trains 🙂
Edit: See the comments for an update to buying Nish’s trains 🙂



  1. Just incase anyone thought of buying one of my trains . They’re not up for sale anymore sorry 😦
    but if you did really did want one IM me and you can have one for free Yes freeeeee over the holiday period that is 🙂

  2. They have a railroad network?

    Geez. Just another example of how little attention I have paid to what the Lindens have been doing in the last 5 years.

    They really have been largely irrelevant to my existence on the grid, except when they fucked it up.

  3. LOL – yup! The SLRR, Second Life RailRaod. It’s mainly confined to the Heterocera Atoll (Northern) Continent and is one of the true wonders of SL – it’s a wonder they built it and it’s a wonder it survives against the odds ;-D But gawd bless ’em, they did build it and the LDPW Moles are looking after it 🙂

    The Heterocera Atoll is the second continent that LL added – it was found by Magellan Linden (his crash site still exists there). Heterocera is where the Hobos come from – it’s an amazing place I’m sorry to say I have hardly explored at all.

    Magallen Link: https://headburroantfarm.wordpress.com/the-magellan-files/

    SLRR link: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Second_Life_Railroad

    Driving trains in SL is REALLY fun – contact my mate Nish Mip and she’ll let you have a train she made – try it out for yourself!

  4. I keep going back and checking but “someone” seems to be extending rail lines south from the ferry terminal in Purple on the Sansara Continent.

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