Moving into St Helens

Steelhead’s latest sim opened this week and I ditched Left4Dead2 and Borderlands double quick to get back in-world so I could check out my neked, virgin slice of volcano 🙂
Steelhead St Helens

Steelhead St Helens - My New Land

I’ve had a plan formulating for a while now – a lumber mill! After all, it’s just what a bustling boomtown like Steelhead needs and good quality sawn timber will be at a premium when everybody will be building new houses. But first I’d need a forest…
Steelhead St Helens

I’m going to play it along the lines of coming out of Caledon Regency Hospital burnt and looking for solitude. I’ll ‘discover’ the land and decide to camp there through winter whilst building a log cabin from the trees. Eventually I’ll build the saw mill by the water… oooo, I’m all excited 😀

After a few evenings of tinkering, the first round is all but done:
Steelhead St Helens

I’ve added a cave (you may recognise it from here) that I hope a bear will move into, a Vlad Bjornson stream and some lovely snowy Rustica trees. I’ve got quite a few bits and bobs to add to bring it alive, but it’s on its way!
Steelhead St Helens

Steelhead St Helens

Come and see it all here.


  1. it looks really nice HB…I keep stopping by to see how it’s coming. I like that you have a plan for your property to evolve in conjunction with your storyline. I think that is a lot more fun that just plopping something down ready to go and trying to start in the middle of a story….In some ways it’s analogous to what we’ve done in Deadwood. It’s going to be even more like that when we do the restart, I think. It just goes sort of naturally with the whole concept of rp-based storytelling

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