Come Live in Gorgeous Steelhead Shanghai – Rentals Available!

You know that Dr Beck lives in the slums of Shanghai, right? Well the slums aren’t the only place to rent and live in Shanghai, oh no! Elegia Underwood owns a huge slice of Shanghai and has the most amazingly imaginative places to live I’ve seen in a while 🙂
Steelhead Shanghai Dragon Lands

The beautiful hotel at the top has shops space for rent at 390L$ per week for 80 prims.

The round houses on pedestals in front of the hotel are linked by really cool walkways and can be rented for between 195L$ and 390L$ per week (40 to 80 prims)

The amazing railcars (I *love* these!) can be rented from between 95L$ and 195L$ per week (20 to 30 prims).

Elegia has more details and some beautiful photos on the Steelhead Ning here.

She is also a red hot roleplayer who has decked out the area so everyone can enjoy playing there – if you rent there you’ll be in good company as you’ll have the Dragon Lady herself, the Steelhead Scamps and me as neighbours to RP with 🙂

IM Elegia Underwood in-world if you’d like more info. Each of the rentals has a click-&-rent post outside it as well. Head over to Shanghai and check out Elegia’s brilliant builds – you’ll love ’em!

Here’s a Treet TV “Designing Worlds” interview with the creators, Lunar & Tensai, and Elegia:

And here are some more photos from Gia’s wonderful build 🙂


Steelhead Shanghai





  1. I’m still seriously thinking to renting somewhere and Steelhead looks so nice Hopefully there might be a plot of land left by the time I finish my tour (hopes there’s still a SL) I’m thinking of building a butterfly glasshouse. I’d like to come visit sometime over the holiday so if you’re around I’ll drop in.

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