Young Geoffrion’s Art Exhibition

I count myself a lucky little Burro for many reasons and chief amongst them is the simple fact I have some truly splendid friends. Young Geoffrion is just such an example (I’ve mentioned before how much I love her blog) and my time spent with her is always a pure delight.

Due to my current addiction to Left4Dead2 & Borderlands, I’m not getting in-world as I used to & I don’t see my friends as much so it was a real delight to manage to get in for Young’s first every art exhibition. It was held in the new Mysterio Gallery in Grignano and I had a blast! I had guessed Young was a talented artist, but bloody hell! She is brilliant! I took a few shots (below) and I’d encourage you all to pop over and take a look. I understand that the pieces are for sale too and I’ll be buying one – that will mean I have works from Os, Enjha & Young now *does a happy dance* Quite how I who can’t draw a line and know nothing about high culture know such wonderfully clever peeps is beyond me, I’m just glad I do 😀

Here’s a handy cut-out-n-keep SLURL to the Mysterio Gallery in Grignano:

Young's Art Exhibition

Young's Art Exhibition

Young's Art Exhibition

Young's Art Exhibition

P.S. Once you’ve been to Enjah’s gallery in Grignano, why not explore the surrounding city of Nova Albion. This is the oldest city in SL and its neighbour, Bay City, one of the newest – take a looksee and touch some of the history of the grid!

P.P.S Here is a post from Young about the show. One from Enjah (with a video!). And one from Os.


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