Steelhead St Helens Welcomes You…

When I first visited Steelhead in 2007 it was a brand new single sim and looked impressive. I don’t recall exploring it, although I *think* I was planning to write a guide to it after the New Babbage one I was doing at the time. I never finished the NB guide (missing off the then shiny new region of Babbage Canals) and so never went back to Steelhead.

Until this year.

Now I count Steelhead as my home. It has a curious way of getting under your skin and making you want to see more, explore more, find more. It had grown from that single sim to four when I came in July to six now. Shanghai was added in September and now St Helens is open to visitors and looking for new citizens to populate its mix of wilderness and industrial frontierland. I’ve already purchased and rented a lovely plot at the base of St Helens and feel totally confident that as it hasn’t rumbled since the 1850s both I and my lumber yard are perfectly safe…
Steelhead St Helens

So if all my posts blithering on about how great Steelhead is have made you curious, come over and have a looksee, TotalLunar Eclipse & Tensai Hilra have done a bang-up job of making the whole place look amazing I think you’ll agree 🙂 And if you are interested in living in Steelhead or renting a shop, just drop Lunar or Tensai a line for all the details. Come on in, the livin’s fine and the roleplay’s both light and optional… 😉
Steelhead St Helens

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