Borderland Burro

Dear all, I shall be away for a short while. See you more often after the new year. Here is where I am. If you want to come and visit then bring guns. Bring lots of guns.


  1. make sure you come up for air every now and then, and if necessary get some of those big astronaut diapers–yeah it’s kind of embarrassing, but it’s much simpler than getting a catheter set up.

    so if you do the four-man cooperative version, which of the team members are you going to pick? I guessing either the top-heavy, gravity-defying mesomorph berserker guy or the skinny, weird hunter/sniper dude

  2. @Rhia: Will do, boss. Headshots count like you wouldn’t believe!

    @Dio: LOL! This comment comes on a night when my toddler son presented me with a handful of poo after an accident in getting to the toilet in time 😀

    And I’m guessing you’ve never played these type of RPGs before – you never pick the tank/orc or hunter/assassin, always pick the soldier/paladin as he’s the best all rounder. I’m playing Roland on the far left 😀

    I sure hope you ladies find time to come on over to Pandora and join me in taking down some bandits – I could do with the help…

  3. Hiya Elle – you’ll love it! The electric shock weapons produce a very nice death for the bad guys complete withheads that pop like corn 😀

    I’m on the PC – I don’t have a console (I’m crap with the controllers – give me a mouse and keys any day 😀 )

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