OTT? Moi?

I don’t get ranty and sweary on this blog often. I do elsewhere, but not here largely because a) SL is fun for me therefore not rant-worthy 99% of the time, and b) I try to keep my potty-mouth to a minimum on this blog as people read it at work, etc. But every once in a while I like to let rip and the BBC’s crappy coverage of SL recently coincided with a period at work when some cock of stratospheric levels needed a kick in the teeth I could not provide. This irked me. I took that irkedness and poured it all over the BBC spooge-fest like bad gravy. I then moved on, my bile duct once more drained of essential juices, and forgot all about it.

Until now. A pingback from a blog about shrinks in SL sneering down on all that have the brass neck to get angry at something they hadn’t sanctioned as rage-worthy. Having failed to ensure I had my Anger (Acceptable Targets Of & Reasons For) 399c Form stamped by the relevant authorities I fear I may have compounded my heinous error by enjoying having a good old screaming session, bellowing like a wounded elk mooing into the abyss of a godless death. I imagine.

I agonised (well I considered it for a minute whilst looking for a biscuit) over whether to allow the pingback comment or just bin it, but as I’m in the mood for another rant (and, more importantly bloody short of anything write about at the moment – my scheduled posts section is emptier than a eunuch’s boxers) I thought I’d drop the offended article a comment and then copy it here to make up a post and buy me some time until I can write some real stuff up. Phew! That BBC story is paying dividends, I can tell you! I hope someone else slags off SL soon or I’m fucked.

Anyhow, here’s wot I, a mere non-shrink dumbo, said to the reet clever chappie apparently in charge of my thinking (give him his due though – it was a mental post. I must do more like that, twas most amusing to write):

HBA said
Your comment is awaiting moderation.
November 30, 2009 at 2:49 pm
Huh? A pingback? Go on then, I’ll take a looksee…

To answer your question why I went all foamy mouth Britney guy, well quite simply for the fun of it. I took a load of crappy crappola from work and transferred it to that instead. Oh, and I like swearing. Really like it. My post has no more depth than a puddle of water and the same amount of validity as your own.

So cheer up! Look on the bright side! Good old Aunty gave us both something to blog about and fill the emptiness of our lives with one more post. Although mine was, I’m sure you’ll agree, far more sweary. And funnier.

Oh, and I’ll bite at the end – who are you to say what I should get angry about. I’m guessing there’s a ton of stuff that wouldn’t make me blink but would push your buttons just how you like it. You seem a smart fella doing a clever-sounding post about whatever it is it’s about – don’t end on a dumb note like that. Or at least put some swearing in to drive home the point you’re sneering at me – come on, add some conviction to your sneers man!


  1. I’m with you, HBA: every once in a while there’s a need to blow off steam, then it’s over. People shouldn’t make such a big deal about it.

    Perhaps we could have a Sekrit Blog, so the great unwashed masses can’t see it. We can rant to our hearts’ content in it, and all the invited readers and contributors will know not to take it too seriously.

  2. yes, but then if the dickless, festering clotpolls can’t see the cheerfully excessive invective we’re spewing, it’s not going to offend anyone, is it? And then what fun is that?

  3. But if you have a sekrit blog then I will be convinced you are all whispering about me. This could well lead to DRAMA. As well as some adult content.

  4. Fascinating blog post by the way – I will share my comment as it awaits moderation 🙂
    to wit:

    Odd, I was unaware the BBC had a presence in Second Life.
    That aside, all of us who are members of a community in SL are quite used to being considered rather odd by those unfamiliar. The fact that I met the man who became my husband last month in a second life community adds to the confusion (“oh, so it is like e-harmony?”).
    I quite admire the BBC’s reporting on news, but I suppose I expect no more of them than of any other corporate news vendor.
    What I do find endlessly amusing is the level of inane psychobabble in this particular blog posting.

    1. Well he’s published it – not replied to a single comment though. Odd chap. And you’re right, I’m not a shrink but I know a lot of half-baked theories when I read ’em. His entire arguement seems to be based on what I can only assume is *his* transferred guilt at playing a computer game. Just because he sees it a a silly waste of time that is at the same time fun yet embarassing doesn’t mean we share his guilt.

      It’s people like him that give masturbation a bad name ;-D

  5. OMG.. girl said “dickless, festering clotpolls”. That is love for me. Let’s book the church.

    Anyway, HBA, when you get half as angry as me or 1/16th as angry at Prok I would suggest an adjustment, but as whole I think you are one of the more decent stable folks around.

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