Xstreet and me

This is where I stand.

Until Linden Lab reverse or modify their position on freebies, low-cost items and “stale” stock I will not buy one more goddam thing from Xstreet. I shall use it to find things I want and then contact the makers in-world and buy direct. As I can’t build or script I have spent a considerable amount in Xstreet over my three years in world but that stops now.

Greed is greed and I do not like it.



  1. You know, in a lot of ways, I’m ok with greed. It’s a basic human motivator, and to a great extent I am much more conformable with LL displaying signs of good old fashioned , cold hard avarice than I was with their whole laissez-faire, hipyy-dippy love machine thing where they ignored or even buddied up with griefers and let their staff pretty much just do whatever the fuck they wanted.

    The only thing is, if they are going to embrace the Dark Side and try o squeeze the population for all the turnip blood they can drink, they had better make the goddamn platform run reliably and smoothly and stop breaking inventory and stupid feckless crap like that. Otherwise all the turnips will eventually give up and go do something else in some other venue.

    Quite simply, if you are going to shake down your customers every freakin’ time they turn around, make goddam sure you are giving them as much value as possible before you bend them over yet again.

    As far the Xstreet thing specifically, I always found Xstreet of little use as anything other than a convenient product catalog to search for stuff that I couldn’t locate using SL’s crappy-ass bullshit search function. I’d go to Xstreet “search,” look for something like “Blacksmith forges,” find them, get the info about who made examples worth considering, and then go look at them in-world. Finally, I would buy one directly from the maker’s store or vending gizmo.

    If something I wanted was only sold on Xstreet, then I’d say fuck it, I don’t need it badly enough to fiddle-dick around with actually using the thing to buy something.

    Well, with one excpetion.

    The only thing I ever bought off Xstreet was, ironicially enough, a freebie–Gigs Taggert’s target overlay, that allows you to make anything into an handy adjunct to shooting practice. I understood from various people you could possibly locate these in-world somewhere, but shitballs on white toast, I never could find them. It was the only case where I actually really goddam needed something that I could only find on Xstreet–and it just happened to be a freebie. If it had cost something, buy gum, I probably would have would have still gone ahead and coughed up the lindens for it. But I am just as glad I didn’t have to.

  2. Hi Dio – great comment as always, and great post on yer blog: http://ephemeralfrontier.blogspot.com/2009/11/well-everyone-else-has-so-i-might-as.html).

    I have few problems with grid stability these days – party because things have improved over my three years, partly because I’m on less so miss any big problems, but I do agree that if LL are now going to be all about the cash, they should be forced to provide a better service.

    Still, I’d rather they weren’t all about the money… 😦

    As soon as OpenSims are stable enough, I’ll be setting my own up and I can see myself migrating over time more and more to a free world. The only way I’d stay in SL long term is if they did become more like a real company – I’d pay a monthly fee for better service and less drama I guess.

    Still, and I’m waffling now I know, as much as I love SL, I don’t love LL and if I can get a comparable experience elsewhere I’ll look into it.

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