Magellan Resurfaces!

I popped in-world to pick up a simple delivery and was immediately IMed by ever wonderful Marianne McCann who had the amazing news that her Magallen Detector Ring was going crazy… the great man was in-world!

[13:49:58] Marianne McCann: [13:49] Magellan Linden’s Status Item: Magellan is on the grid!

The Mag is back! I tweeted the news right away and asked the big guy for a signed photo for the Rodeo Explorer’s Base 😀


  1. He wasn’t answering his IMs – set himself to Busy. So far the only time’s he’s come back is following Mole and Land Sales activity so maybe there’s some new land a-coming?

  2. “I tweeted the news right away and asked the big guy for a signed photo for the Rodeo Explorer’s Base”

    Thank you, HeadBurro! I also got Mari’s IM, but alas I had my gini-block on and got the news too late to try and track his whereabouts. Gah!

  3. Mari said he was on yesterday as well, same time and I’ll bet same place, wherever that is… We need to search for new land masses!

  4. heh, funny, the first (and actually only) time I seen him was at the two-years anniversary of Nova Albion. Was a total noob back then still and watched the crazies listening to a big blue guy having a little speach 😉 (and yes, I think that’s the first time I seen Salazar, too)

    Hmm. Allways thought about getting a plot in Nova Albion, but never did.

    1. Hiya Barney – good to see you here 🙂

      I’ve seen the pics from that event in Nova Albion, and that’s as near as I’ve come to seeing the great man myself. And I’m in the same boat about land in Nova Albion too – always wanted too, but by the time I had the chance I’d moved on to pastures new. Still, it will always have a special place in my heart as it is the first city I found in SL – the first and the best 😀

    1. LOL! I’ve only been to the standing stones site, I’ve not looked at any of the Linden Homes (which confuses my Google searches as Linden Homes is a real home building comp in the UK) yet. The Moles look like they’ve made a great job of the continent though!

  5. Yeah, Nascera’s quite cool for what it is IMHO. The in-between sims are the best bit, i.e., the void or buffer sims between the themed regions that you don’t hear much talk about in the forums. Really interesting blend of otherwise region unique vegetation occurring there; wonderful colors! There’s some thematic tie-ins with Nautilus City as well in the underwater ruins of the southern river channel. I mades a map in case you or others want to visit them.

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