I Is Three…

I is three!

Three years ago today I logged in to my first ever virtual world of any sort. I have been one and then I was two, but now I am three.

At one I wrote a lot about how my life had changed and I had a big old party. At two I did neither. At three I think I shall only do the former.

I came in as the Boy Next Door av and was lost. I enjoyed flying, but kept myself to myself and found the world cold and sort of unfriendly. I camped. I wanted a better skin. I gave up camping and put some money into my life. I ended up at Murray. I made some poor choices. I wasted so much time pissing about fighting silly griefers when I could have been doing something worthwhile. Still, I made friends and laughed a lot. I remember looking like an extra from The Matrix for a while *shakes head*. I was like a child growing up, distracted by what my more eloquent friends would call ephemera but in reality was just crap. I didn’t take photos for the first six months because I didn’t realise they could be free – hell, at first I didn’t know you even had a camera. The only shots I have of me at this time are after the Murray & griefer fighting stage. I was no longer a Neo-clone but back to being the boy next door, just with some spending money

I continued to grow up. I bought land, began to explore, began to learn about the history of the world. I wanted more. I was hungry for something. I found I had few friends left, people leaving or partnering up or getting on with their lives. I started to travel, to write and I began to suspect I had found a purpose. I began a process of remoulding myself. I stripped away what I was and had been. I became abstracted. I changed. I became the gazelle. My form solidified.

I continued to grow up. I mourned – and still mourn – the loss of so many friends, but I met so many new ones. I had left home, left my family and was now in the world on my own. It had taken a year but I had done it. I found new outlets for my creative purpose. I joined the show, I explored, I wrote tales, I took photographs.

And now, three years into my second life, I continue to grow up. I am still in the show, but my explorations and photography have given way to an increased desire to roleplay and write. In the last few months I have created and written more than I had done in the entire preceding two and a half years. After years of looking without realising it, I have found a community for the first time. I am making new friends – this time though, my old friends aren’t leaving and vanishing, indeed one or two of my oldest friends may even be on their way back which makes me very happy indeed (come back Anni – I miss you!). I am on the cusp of a new phase of my second life – although it ceased being my second life a long time ago and is simply my life, as real as my house, family and work.

I’m a lucky Burro. I continue to grow up. I look forward to the next twelve months with excitement.

I is three.



  1. It is a good thing when you can look back on three years on the grid, and be sustained.

    I hit my third, and, admittedly, told no one, said nothing, held no party or even a vigil. I’m not even sure I was in world on my rez day.

    My fourth? If I survive, if SL does? Maybe there will be celebrating. This year, there wasn’t that much to celebrate, frankly.

    1. Awww Emilly, that’s sad and I’m sorry to hear you aren’t happy. I hope you’re around for your fourth and many more besides – I fully intend to be online in SL or whatever replaces it for the rest of my natural, but I think I’ll stick to my rules for being happy online:

      1) No business – headacheville
      2) No sex – not worth the nasty RL death for a quick wank
      3) No griefing or fighting it – life’s too short

      and last of all

      4) Always find a reason for being there – I need to know why I’m there, whether it be meeting friends, creating tales, doing something new, i just need a reason 🙂

      And Lo! Let these be The Laws of The Burro! Now drop and give me twenty!

      1. I’m already three – my rezday was on 5th November 🙂 Dear Mr. Burro, you might need some sleep – you wished me happy rezday on my blog two weeks ago! ^^ /me sings a lullaby 😉

  2. A very happy rezday, sir, and many more to come!

    You have four good rules there. Mrs. Antfarm no doubt appreciates some more than others. 🙂

  3. I think rezdays are essentially a recognition that it takes time to find your path for adding something to world and getting even more back in return. Who would have thought that a social medium that is largely based on instantaneous communication technology would turn out to require time and patience to truly work? Yes, you are one of the lucky ones. The rest of us? Satan’s huge red testicles, pard, we’re pretty goddam lucky as well–lucky to have found a friend like you.

    1. Hiya Dio… and thank you! Truly, I’m the one blessed with great friends, fun and wise and paitent and tolerant. I’ve learnt so much from you and Os & Enj and… oh god, all my friends… too many people and too many lessons to mention, but trust me, I’m the lucky one 🙂

      This post was odd for me. I was sure I wasn’t going to write anything, but then when I was walking for the bus this morning I just knew I had to. But what to write – my tales of starting, being lost, finding Murray, fighting griefers and coming out the otherside to where I am now is well told on this blog, as is my very real saddness at the loss of friends.But I knew I had something to say, even if it was only for me.

      The single thing I regret above all else is my not taking any photos of the early days. I have lost so many memories, so many faces including my own.

      I was turning this all over in my head and finally setting finger to key at work when I had to deal with a very annoying issue to do with work. By the time I’d finished my gander was well and truly up and I found I could only write in short, flat sentnces – statements, minimal reflections – until the end when, like the light at the end of a tunnel, I could see my salvation.

      I know I’ve said a few times that if I hadn’t of met Osprey & Enjah I don’t think I’d still be here, but I really beleive it. They saved me and for that I’ll always be grateful.

  4. Happy Rezday, HBA! I hope you have many more that are just as exciting. I’m certainly glad to have met you and added you to my crazy little ‘family’ of friends!

    I can especially relate to one thing you said: ‘it ceased being my second life a long time ago and is simply my life…’ That’s exactly how I feel about Ilia; she’s no longer a virtual doll I play with, she’s a very real part of me.

    Congratulations, and here’s to many more years of creativity! 🙂

    1. Thank mate! We be-horned ones must stick together and I’m glad I’m not alone in removing the barrier between 1st and 2nd life 😀 I play with Ryne in a game sense, but HBA is me and I am him – I might roleplay with him, but as me roleplaying… if you see what I mean 😀

  5. “The single thing I regret above all else is my not taking any photos of the early days. I have lost so many memories, so many faces including my own.”

    I have this same regret. I’m sure it’s shared by many. I think I may have kicked in with the picture taking faster than you did though. I have quite a few of me before I got contaminated in the chemical accident at Zero Medici’s Miramare warehouse in April of 2004.

    A very Happy Rezday to you!

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